The seeds of food justice

The vast majority of our planet lives outside the global industrial food chain – a linear system that brings our food from the farm to our plates. Subsistence and small-scale farmers, ecopreneurs, hunters, pastoralists, fishers, and so many others are often overlooked in the dominant narrative on food systems, but they are a vital part of food sovereignty and climate justice.

In this Youth Daily Show, young ecopreneurs and food experts will share their visions for the future of African agriculture, exploring innovative technologies and traditional methods to challenge the world’s understanding of how food can be produced.

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From landscape to table, food systems in perspective

How can we implement innovative food systems that positively impact the environment whilst also benefiting local communities? Earlier this year, the GLFx Cape Town Speaker Stage at Greenpop’s Reforest Fest posed this question to a series of speakers, inviting them to discuss the topic of landscapes and food systems in a series of talks. In conversation with Nicola Rule (Professional Officer, ICLEI Africa), GLFx Cape Town will present extracts from this series, discussing the complex dynamics of food and equity and the potential for shaping the future of food systems in South Africa.

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From landscape to table, food systems in perspective


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Virtual Tours: Cameroon and Kenya

Have you always dreamed of learning from the Maasai community, or traveling to the beautiful landscapes of Western and Central Africa? Join us in this immersive virtual tour visiting Kuku Group Ranch, near Mount Kilimanjaro, and Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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Our landscape, our rights, our investment

Building on recent discussions at the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), this session will explore how to integrate and monitor communities’ legitimate rights to land and forest resources within and adjacent to landscape restoration sites.

The session will draw on experiences from Benin, Kenya, Madagascar and Malawi in pursuing the UNCCD’s Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) target, as a backdrop for exploring how to successfully reconcile ecosystem restoration the livelihood needs and land tenure rights of local communities. With an eye on the upcoming UN Climate Change and Biodiversity conferences, the session is expected to provide practical insights on how to operationalize the UNCCD’s landmark decision on land tenure to support greater synergies in the implementation of the three Rio environmental conventions, for the good of people and planet.

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Networking | Expert & Thematic networking tables

GLF Africa offers a unique chance to connect with participants from all corners of Africa and beyond. We will be hosting thematic networking tables to ensure that different topics are touched on. During the networking at GLF Africa you can expect to find: Thematic tables with GLFx chapters, Thematic table on Indigenous communities and agroecology Expert table with Rewilding Community of Practice. We’ll do our best to support you to learn from others and find valuable new contacts, see you there!

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Speaking with one voice: Growing an alliance of Kenyan urbanites to create regenerative urban food systems

We are farmers and gardeners, chefs, suppliers, musicians, artists, researchers, and trainers; we are running businesses, CBOs and NGOs. We believe and experience the power of regenerative urban agriculture to transform our food systems in Kenya. We are exploring ways to connect like-minded urbanites and provide opportunities to take action: advocacy, knowledge sharing and education, producer-consumer communications etc. We believe feeling connected to others is key to creating more just and regenerative food systems and societies. We would like to share our ideas and experience with you and hear your feedback and recommendations. We are looking to build relationships and grow our network in every corner of Kenya and elsewhere.


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Voices of the landscape: The role of Cameroon’s traditional rulers in restoration

Africa’s cultural and political identity cannot exist without its traditional rulers. For centuries, traditional rulers, some known as “chieftaincies,” “Igwes,” or “queen mothers,” have been key in maintaining peace, preserving customary laws & in helping to ensure the legitimacy of post-colonial politicians/leaders. Their influence in maintaining Africa’s cultural anchoring was and is still key. Now, they are working to tackle climate change in a fight to preserve their ways of life. This session will explore the critical role traditional rulers have played in community-led restoration projects in Nkambe Cameroon and will feature the stories of Chiefs from GLFx Nkambe, Cameroon, Chapter.

This session has been made possible through the generous support of the Robert Bosch Foundation
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Networking | Speed dating

GLF Africa offers a unique chance to connect with participants from all corners of Africa and beyond. During this morning networking session, you will have the chance to meet many participants thanks to the speed dating format. Here are some guiding questions to kickstart your discussions:
Briefly introduce yourself
Discuss your connection and interest to the conference thematics
What are some promising trends or a source of inspiration you see in your field of work or in your practice related to building equitable and resident food systems?

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