• 1 – 2 December 2018

Landscape Finance Lab (WWF): A Philosophy of Landscapes: Standardized Approaches to help Scale-up Landscape Restoration

Wien 1-2

WWF’s Landscape Finance Lab, Commonland and Gold Standard will present their complementary approaches for scaling up landscape restoration. We will explain and explore what it means to combine frameworks and methods for landscape restoration. Following a short panel discussion, the audience will be invited to participate both online and in the room.
WWF’s landscape approach includes the following 5 landscape elements: creation of a multi-stakeholder platform; reaching shared understanding; engaging in collaborative planning; undertaking effective implementation; and monitoring.
Commonland’s framework focuses on generating 4 returns (social, natural, financial and inspirational) via a stakeholder management process in 3 landscape zones (natural, combined and economic zones), to develop investable business cases with long time horizons of at least one generation or 20 years.
In the context of its impact measurement standards built on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Gold standard will present a conceptual model for sustainable landscape programme assessments and deforestation-free sourcing. Panelists will share how their approaches work in practice, focusing on defining the parameters of a new framework for landscape investment that speaks to land owners and managers, experts, governments, companies and investors alike. We will explore to what extent these approaches could set the parameters for a more standardized approach to scaling-up landscape restoration.
We are proposing these ideas at an early stage, seeking a broader set of collaborators going forward to build a more integrated approach at landscape level that embraces all SDGs.

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