• Sunday, 23 June 2019
  • 12:30-13:45

Rights-based Technology Applications: How simple-to-use technologies can secure land rights and unlock a more sustainable future for all

    This landscape talk will discuss how the application of simple-to-use technology can help communities around the world document, strengthen, and secure their land and resource rights. Through the use of partner and project case studies, I will also highlight the transformative role of technology to support land tenure and rights-based landscape management challenges to contribute to a more just, sustainable, and prosperous future for the global community.

    Organizations are welcome and encourage to host and facilitate side meeting before and during the GLF event, and then bring their results and recommendations to the Forum. A GLF secretariat will be on hand to identify and reserve appropriate Bonn venues. Webinars, engaging social media campaigns, competitions and pre-event discussions will generate momentum and interest in key issue areas to ensure that the GLF accelerates long-term action for sustainable landscapes.

    The GLF will have a small secretariat in Bonn, Germany to coordinate all of the above, operated by CIFOR.