• Day 2: Wednesday, 20 December

Technology and Innovation – SDG 13

Technological advances will play an increasingly vital role in the accomplishment of a clean and sustainable environment.  Connect4Climate (C4C), a global partnerships program of the World Bank launched in 2011, has worked to direct global political momentum behind climate action.  Through innovative public initiatives, C4C has cultivated awareness of climate at the grass-roots level across a multitude of different sectors.  Their efforts have resulted in a network of over 500 leading experts, technology, and financing providers, institutions, and corporations capable of exploring synergies and acting collectively.  The session aims to utilize the strength of the GLF as a forum and community of practice to amplify their message and explain the mission of C4C.


Connect4Climate promotional videos:

  1. Youth Message from Max Edkins, Connect4Climate’s Acting Manager and Climate Expert
  2. Max Edkins opens Planet:Tech at the Web Summit (Summary)
  3. COP23 Recap: We are Uniting for Climate Action – Further Faster Together
  4. Uniting4Climate Trailer: Uniting for Climate Action – Further, Faster, Together
  5. We are uniting…uniting for climate…climate action! Join us
  6. Uniting for Climate Action – Message from actress Rosario Dawson