At its first edition in East Asia, GLF is bringing together in Kyoto and online some of the most inspiring minds from science, international development, government, indigenous and local communities and civil society. They will share and discuss their experiences and knowledge on tackling the climate challenge through the lens of the five GLF main themes, as presented below. Stay tuned for a detailed agenda coming soon.


Restoring and sustainably managing our landscapes helps increase carbon storage, avoid greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing land productivity and maintaining biodiversity. GLF Kyoto will explore where mitigation and adaptation work occurs through landscape restoration and how those cases can be replicated and scaled up.


Spotting the investment opportunities in mitigation and adaptation and tailoring financial tools to support low-carbon and climate-resilient growth has never been more urgent. GLF Kyoto will highlight those opportunities to inspire the private sector's agendas and look at how we can speed up adequate funding of green solutions.


Securing indigenous land rights plays a critical role in preserving biological diversity, keeping carbon in the ground and using traditional knowledge to adapt to climate variability. Global conversations around rights will zoom in on the tailored solutions needed to achieve equity and participation in the landscapes.


We need to reconsider the way we produce and consume our food in order to win the 1.5°C race, while employing climate-smart solutions to build resilient food systems and reduce GHG emissions. GLF Kyoto will look closely at the farm-to-fork journey, discussing the solutions for feeding a growing population while protecting the land and climate.


Where are we on the way to achieving the SDGs? How and when can we achieve them realistically? Do we need to rethink how we assess our progress on climate targets? GLF Kyoto will offer insights on how to analyze what works and what doesn't, offer successful examples of climate action and perspectives on moving forward.