GreenFi Platform

Investment Opportunity : 500,000 USD
Organization : GreenFi Systems

GreenFi Systems provides the training and tools for companies and NGOs to extend financial inclusion to farming and fishing communities, while helping them to build resilience to climate change.

Over sixty percent of smallholder producers lack access to basic financial services like credit and insurance. This is because they are viewed as unprofitable and risky by banks and MFIs. These communities also lack the incentives and tools to manage their resources sustainably, often over exploiting them, which results in the collapse of entire ecosystems (and the various services which they provide).

We provide training materials for NGOs and companies to establish eco-funds with communities; a mobile application that allows communities to monitor their environmental compliance and track their financial activity; and an award winning eco-credit scoring system which means that borrowers can apply for formal financial services and banks will know that they’ve successfully engaged with an eco-fund and are less likely to default on future loans.