Build GLF chapters in
Latin America and the Caribbean

with seed funding

The GLFx initiative is opening a call to support 5 GLF Chapters with seed funding of EUR 5,000 each to protect and restore forest areas in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What is the GLF?

The Global Landscapes Forum is the world’s largest knowledge-led platform on sustainable and inclusive landscapes, dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement on climate change.

What is GLFx?

GLFx is a decentralized network of independently organized chapters that gather regularly to promote sustainable activities within their landscapes. It is designed to accelerate action globally towards sustainable landscapes by equipping members with the knowledge, technology and networks to connect, share, learn and act through a holistic approach.

Why GLFx?

GLFx was created to improve landscapes from the ground up by harnessing the efforts of communities to promote sustainable landscapes. The initiative is powered by community action plans that aim to facilitate community mobilization training, the implementation of local restoration actions, and knowledge exchange.

GLFx goals

The GLFx initiative aims to decentralize and democratize access to knowledge, facilitate local–local and local–global knowledge exchange, provide local actors with targeted learning opportunities and resources, and support the scaling of positive action at the local level for global impact.

What are GLF chapters?

GLF chapters are groups of local change agents that mobilize their communities and stakeholders to hold place-based dialogues and promote sustainable landscape restoration. These local change agents are organized and legalized community-led or grassroots groups, such as NGOs or institutionalized stakeholder groups, who lead initiatives operating at the landscape level. They engage in learning, knowledge generation and sharing, and multi-stakeholder collaboration to scale up restoration, sustainable practices and socio-economic transformation in their landscapes.

GLF chapters offer regular multi-stakeholder gatherings online or in person to mobilize their communities and coordinate local projects. GLF chapters host a minimum of one gathering each quarter, curate an online space for exchange on the GLFx platform, and support one or more action projects each year. Chapters are founded by a team of diverse individuals who submit an application to the GLF Secretariat.

GLF chapters in LAC

With large forest areas that make up over 45% of the region , Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is one of the most culturally and biologically diverse parts of the planet. However, the region also faces immense challenges from deforestation: 40% of the region’s forests are already deforested or degraded, putting millions of livelihoods at risk.

Fortunately, a number of projects and initiatives have been launched to protect forests and the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities that effectively steward their lands, and promote restoration initiatives to preserve the ecological functions of the region’s landscapes. Despite these challenges, the GLF recognizes the crucial role that regional stakeholders and groups play in protecting and restoring areas in LAC and aims to support and promote community-led efforts to reach their goals.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Applications will be accepted from groups, networks or partnerships of stakeholders or grassroots initiatives that promote on-the-ground actions towards sustainable landscapes. We will prioritize initiatives focusing on the following: protecting forest areas, restoration activities, and agroecological and/or sustainable agriculture, including coffee production. Stakeholders must be based in LAC countries.
  • Groups must be well organized, with an administrative structure to receive and manage funds at the bare minimum.  Diversity is encouraged and will be taken into account during the selection process (e.g. gender balance within the team). The names, contact information and a brief profile of the working group or team should be included in the application.
  • A group is made up of a dynamic and passionate chapter team with a strong commitment to promoting sustainable landscapes. The group should have a proven track record that:
    • Demonstrates experience in mobilizing actors to facilitate local action;
    • Provides regional or local experience that can be scaled to inspire or influence more on-the-ground actions;
    • Contributes to a regional and global knowledge base on sustainable practices and/or accelerating restoration in landscapes. 

What we offer

Selected chapters will receive: 

  1. A seed fund of €5,000 to run chapter activities; 
  2. Community mobilization training; 
  3. Workshops and/or toolkits to facilitate the implementation of community action plans;
  4. GLFx secretariat support in key areas (e.g. technical support in the onboarding process on the platform, capacity development materials and learning opportunities); 
  5. Networking with  GLF charter members in their region and the GLFx chapter network;
  6. Promotional opportunities, such as being featured on Landscape News and the opportunity to take part in GLF events.

How to apply

  1. Fill out the online application form here.
  2. Join the GLFx platform.

If your application is successful, you will receive an email with detailed instructions about the next steps, including required documents such as:

  • An introductory video about the group’s initiative and local actions;
  • A community action plan describing activities the group would like to develop over the next year (2023);
  • A profile of group members who will be involved with the chapter’s activities and with developing and implementing the community action plan.

Chapter selection

All eligible applications will be evaluated in two rounds.

Round 1: Community mobilization:

The videos of all eligible applications will be uploaded to the GLFx platform, and all applicants will receive the link to their videos. All applicants are encouraged to share their applications with their colleagues, friends, the general public and the GLFx community. The first round of the evaluation will be done by reviewing public engagement with the submissions (comments, questions and views). At this stage, each submission will score five points per comment and two points per like.

Round 2: Expert evaluation:

A group of experienced evaluators will evaluate and score the videos, community action plans, team profiles and budgets.

Final Selection

A final tally comprising the scores from the first and second rounds will be used to select the chapters that will receive the grants.


  • Open call for chapter applications: 27 June– 05 September

  • Notification of eligible applications: 5–10 September

  • Deadline for eligible applications to submit documents: 19 September

  • First round of chapter selection (community mobilization): 25 September–8 October

  • Second round of chapter selection (expert evaluation): 10–30 October

  • Announcement of selected chapters: 11 November


  • We will acknowledge all submissions but will contact only shortlisted applicants later in the application process. The evaluators’ decision will be final.
  • The GLF, GLFx and the donors reserve the right not to select any applicants if none of the received entries are deemed suitable.
  • The seed grant is a one-time opportunity. GLFx chapters should be self-sustaining, and recipients must demonstrate a substantial level of independence within one year of receiving the grant.