Build GLFx chapters in Africa with seed funding

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The GLFx initiative, in partnership with the Robert Bosch Foundation, is opening a call to support five new GLFx chapters with seed funding of EUR 5,000 each in order to restore the greater Sahel region in Africa. 

What is GLFx?

GLFx is designed to accelerate action globally by enabling individuals and groups with the necessary knowledge, technology and networks to connect, share, learn and act through a holistic approach in their local landscapes. The initiative consists of a decentralized network of independently organized chapters that foster regular gatherings of like-minded stakeholders to accelerate restoration activities within their landscapes. 

What are GLFx Chapters?

GLFx chapters offer regular multi-stakeholder gatherings – online or in their village/town/city – to mobilize their community and coordinate local action projects. GLFx chapters host a minimum of one gathering each quarter, curate an online space for exchange on the GLFx platform, and support one or more action projects each year. Chapters are founded by a team of diverse individuals who submit an application to the GLF Secretariat. 

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from groups/teams based in the 23 countries that share (part of) their territory with the greater Sahel region. These include Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia (Republic of the), Ghana, Guinea, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Groups/teams are required to be well organized with due consideration given to diversity (e.g. gender balance). Names, contact information and a brief profile of the working group/team should be included in the application.

A group/team is made up of dynamic, passionate chapter coordinators as well as team members with a strong commitment to achieving sustainable landscapes. At a minimum, a team should be comprised of four individuals responsible for coordination, community engagement, communications and subject matter (with a background on the issue that the team wants to tackle). All team members should have a proven track record that:

  • demonstrates experience in mobilizing actors to facilitate local action
  • contributes to the global knowledge base on accelerating restoration in landscapes.

What is being offered?

Selected chapters will receive: 

  • seed funding of €5,000 to run chapter activities 
  • community mobilisation training to enable coordinated restoration action 
  • workshops and/or toolkits to facilitate the implementation of a community action plan
  • GLFx Secretariat support in key areas (e.g. technical assistance for platform onboarding, capacity development materials and learning opportunities) 
  • a connection to, and support for, GLF charter members in their region and the GLFx chapter network
  • promotional opportunities (e.g. profiles on the Landscape News online journal, speaking engagements).


How to apply?

Applicants should fill out the online application form and join the GLF Africa group on the GLFx platform

If your application is considered eligible, you will receive an email with detailed instructions about the next steps, including required documents (e.g. an introductory video, a community action plan and a team profile).

Selection process

All eligible applications will be evaluated in two rounds.

Round 1: Community mobilization:

The videos of all eligible applications will be uploaded on the GLFx platform, and all applicants (the teams) will receive the link to their videos. Applicants are encouraged to promote their applications with their colleagues, friends, the general public and the GLFx community. The first evaluation round involves reviewing public engagement with the submissions (comments, questions and viewing of the entries). At this stage, the score for each submission = (5*comments + 2*likes).

Round 2: Expert evaluation:

A group of experienced assessors will evaluate and score the videos, community action plans, team profile (gauging potential for the team to deliver on the plan) and their budget.

Final Selection

A final tally comprising the scores from the first and second rounds will be used to identify the chapters that will receive the grants. 


  • We will acknowledge all submissions but will contact only a short list of applicants later in the application process. The evaluators’ decision will be final.
  • GLF, GLFx and the Robert Bosch Foundation reserve the right not to select any applicants, if all received entries are deemed unsuitable.
  • The seed grant is a one-time opportunity. GLFx chapters should be self-sustaining, and recipients must demonstrate a substantial level of independence within one year of receiving the grant.