GLF Event

GLF Climate Action in the Landscape at COP24

09 December 2018
Katowice, Poland

The Climate Action in the Landscape GLF will be second thematic forum to specifically focus on climate change and the interactive solutions that can be found within sustainable landscapes. The event will feature 4 sessions held throughout half a day at COP24 in Katowice and will align with the Five Pillars of the GLF: Livelihoods, Rights, Restoration, Finance, and Measuring Progress.

The event will bring together stakeholders from science and academia, civil society, indigenous peoples, practitioners and government representatives and will focus on climate action at the international and national level.
Climate Action in the Landscape will open with a High Level Plenary session reflecting on the role of land use and forests in the context of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5 degrees, to be followed by 3 consecutive Discussion Forums on topics related to:

  • Climate Action at scale through Forest Landscape Restoration: lessons learnt;
  • The role of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples (LCIP) Platform to Climate Actions in landscapes;
  • Putting into practice Article 5 of the Paris Agreement and the special role of ecosystems

To apply for a discussion forum, please get in touch with our coordination team at

For details of the GLF activities at COP24, read the Concept Note below.

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