Speakers engaged with us

Here are all of the 2,700+ speakers who have appeared at the GLF’s events since its inception in 2013. From top scientists, economists and Indigenous leaders to entrepreneurs, filmmakers and grassroots activists, discover the diverse array of global voices that have taken to the stage at the world’s leading platform on sustainable land use.

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Former Minister of Environment, Ecuador
Co-founder and CEO
Pandan Green
Honorary Professor
University College London
Senior Programme Manager Forest and Climate
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
Senior Programme Manager Forest and Climate, lead on the Land Use Bankable projects Hub
WWF Germany
Senior Manager

Plant-for-the-Planet & Global Focal Point, UN Major Group for Children & Youth
Coordinator, Climate & Forests Programme
Client Earth
Lecturer in the Department of Forest Resources and Game Management, Faculty of Forest, Land Resources and Phytosanitary
Kazakh National Agrarian University in Almaty
Minister of Finance
Instituto de Estudios Ambientales (IDEA) Palmira
Marine Research Center
Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, Indonesia
Yayasan Hutan Biru (Blue Forests) Indonesia
Ywai Aqua Life Integrated Systems
Program Support Assistant
Country coordinator
CSAYN (CSA Youth Network)
Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Chief Investment Officer
Wangara Green Ventures
Associate Academic Officer
Serious Farming Accelerator
Tony’s Chocolonely
Communications Director
Forests International
Agriculture Engineer
Department of Rangelands and Public Gardens Ministry of Agriculture, Lebanon
Lead Community Engagement
Ceriops Research Organization
Voices from the Landscape
South Africa
Youth Engagement Manager
Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN)
GLFx Cape Town
Scientific and Technical Director
Pan-African Agency of the Great Green Wall
Anthropology Department University of Riau, Indonesia
Regional Social Science Specialist Andes Amazon Orinoquia
Chef, Influencer
Forestry Officer
Managing Director
Total LandCare
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