OFAC Hybrid Forum: What is the State of Central African Forests?

The forests of Central Africa are vital, but how do we protect them?

On 20 June 2024, over 700 participants from 77 countries, including experts, practitioners and policymakers gathered to discuss the challenges faced by the Congo Basin and how to address them using the latest data-driven strategies.

Here’s what we learned from OFAC Hybrid Forum, showing why it’s so vital that we protect and restore forests.

Meet the speakers

Explore the event themes

Solutions and latest knowledge

Solutions and latest knowledge

Discover solutions and the latest knowledge shared by experts and practitioners working in forest information management in Central Africa.

Engaging policymakers

Engaging policymakers

Explore the critical role of research in advancing sustainable development and facilitating ecological transitions, emphasizing the importance of data collection, processing and validation in forest and environmental contexts.



Reflect on the evolution of technology and its implications for data generation and dissemination in forest and environmental contexts, and consider future opportunities to ensure that emerging technologies are leveraged to enhance data collection, processing and dissemination.



Build partnerships and identify collaboration opportunities with key stakeholders to highlight the significance of Congo Basin forests, emphasizing their crucial role in climate regulation and their impact on the livelihoods of dependent populations.


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Join OFAC Hybrid Forum in Bonn, Germany

Join us in person in Bonn at the GLF Secretariat, located in the beautiful Rheinaue Leisure Park right next to the Bonn Climate Change Conference venue.



Any questions? Get in touch

Judith Sonneck

GLF Global Conferences and Events Outreach Coordinator



Are you working on a story about the Central African rainforests or looking for fresh ideas? Reach out to Kelly Quintero at k.quintero@cifor-icraf.org to explore story angles, connect with experts in the science, practices, and policies of the world’s second-largest forests, or join the event online from anywhere in the globe or in person if you are in Bonn, Germany.

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Youth Storytelling Contest

The Stories of Africa​


Successful applicants will be notified of their selection via email.

From sun-drenched savannas to bustling cityscapes, there are millions of stories that paint a picture of Africa’s diverse landscapes and cultures, where tales of tradition, innovation and a boundless spirit of possibility intertwine.

Whether it’s knowledge passed down through generations or a modern saga of triumph against all odds, every story holds the power to inspire and ignite positive change. 

We all have a story to tell. What do you  want the world to know about Africa’s future? 

In this third edition of our annual African storytelling contest, The Stories of Africa, we invite young creators from all over the continent to share stories to inspire a brighter and bolder future for Africa.

What is the African Storytelling Contest?

Do you have a story to share about how Africa can regenerate its landscapes, protect biodiversity, lead climate action and protect the rights and livelihoods of millions? 

We believe storytelling has the power to ignite change, inspire action and connect people across borders. Following the powerful stories we heard  in 2022 and 2023, the 2024 Africa Youth Storytelling Contest welcomes stories in a wide variety of formats, including video, audio, visual art, animation or another creative medium.

What’s in it for you?

The top 5 to 10 entries will be featured on our website and social media channels, as well as at the GLF Africa 2024 Hybrid Conference, reaching thousands of people in person and online.

On top of the opportunity to showcase your talent and share your story with a global audience, the three best stories will receive prizes of EUR 500, 300 and 200 respectively.



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Landscape Leadership Camp


14-16 September 2024


Nairobi, Kenya



Are you a young African interested in nurturing positive change in Africa’s communities, landscapes and seascapes?

Then look no further! 

Apply now for a spot at the 2024 Landscape Leadership Camp, and embark on a transformative journey towards landscape leadership together with other young visionaries from all across the continent. Co-designed by the Global Landscapes Forum and the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) the camp will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, ahead of the GLF Africa 2024 Hybrid Conference.

This immersive experience will bring together like-minded students, young professionals, experts and community-minded individuals from across Africa, creating a vibrant, cross-cultural community dedicated to driving impactful and transformative change.


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2025 Restoration Stewards Program & GLFx Chapters





The climate crisis is already ravaging landscapes and livelihoods, but it’s not too late to act: all across the globe, people are fighting back by restoring ecosystems and working with local communities to adapt.

To support those efforts, we’re opening applications for the 2025 Restoration Stewards program and new GLFx chapters. If you’re a young restoration practitioner or a community-based organization and you’d like to scale up the impact of your landscape projects, this opportunity is for you!

Apply by Sunday, 28 July 2024, 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

Unsure whether to apply as a Restoration Steward or a GLFx chapter? Take the quick eligibility test at the bottom of the page and see which opportunity suits you best!

2025 Restoration Stewards Program

Are you a young restoration practitioner ready to scale your project?

Apply if you are:

  • A young, ambitious restoration practitioner between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Leading or part of a youth-led and youth-driven team.
  • Working on an ecosystem restoration project for oceans, wetlands, peatlands, mountains, forests, drylands or rangelands.

As a Restoration Steward, you will get:

  • EUR 5,000 in funding to support your restoration project;
  • Mentorship opportunities with our  global network of experts;
  • Spotlighting opportunities through GLF platforms and media outreach;
  • Capacity development opportunities, including workshops and the Landscape Academy.

2025 GLFx Chapters

Are you a local NGO working towards sustainable landscapes?

Apply if you are:

  • Representing a locally-led organization in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Leading or part of a registered NGO led by local people, and embodying values of diversity and inclusion (gender, Indigenous people, youth).
  • Working to promote sustainable land use at the local level to boost food security, livelihoods and biodiversity.

If selected to join the  GLFx network, you will get access to:

  • Exclusive funding opportunities;
  • Networking and peer-to-peer learning  with other chapters;
  • Connection with the GLF network of charter members;
  • Training opportunities, including workshops and the Landscape Academy.

For questions:

Restoration Stewards Program

Eirini Sakellari

Youth Coordinator


GLFx Chapters

Ana Yi Soto

GLFx Coordinator



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Restoration Experiences Digital Forum

Restoration Experiences Digital Forum

Sharing the view from the ground and connecting across landscapes

Interpretation in English, Spanish and French

The digital forum is hosted by:

Restoration Experiences Digital Forum

Sharing the view from the ground and connecting across landscapes

Please join us via Zoom to follow the event in Spanish, Portuguese or French, and ask questions.

Please follow these instructions during the digital forum:
  • Please ensure that communication is conducted in a respectful manner, with particular consideration to avoid marginalization or exclusion
  • Use Chat to introduce yourself and share comments.
  • Ask questions using the Q&A function
  • Click Interpretation to choose your preferred language between English, Spanish, Portuguese and French


Troubleshooting Join here!

The digital forum is hosted by:

Restoration Experiences Digital Forum

Sharing the view from the ground and connecting across landscapes

The digital forum is hosted by:


21 November 2023


14:00–17:00 UTC





At this digital forum, learn how we can protect our food, water, carbon stocks and biodiversity by restoring landscapes.

The climate and biodiversity crises are already affecting people and landscapes around the world. But there’s one natural remedy that can tackle them both: restoring degraded and damaged landscapes.

There are already countless restoration projects that are turning degraded landscapes into beacons of hope and resilience. On 21 November, you’ll have the chance to get to know some of these projects and meet the people behind them.

Discover how local restoration projects are reshaping landscapes globally, and get inspired to start your own!


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Opening remarks

  • Director General
    Nature Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUV)

Harvesting restoration experiences

At its core, this digital forum is a space to explore insights from restoration projects around the world. For this session, we have invited restoration project representatives to share their experiences and lessons learned.

Through a series of presentations, we will explore key lessons from the following focus areas that are crucial to landscape restoration:

  • Capacity development
  • Monitoring impact
  • Collaboration and multi-stakeholder approaches
  • Access to markets and livelihood development

After these presentations, our panel of experts will discuss the insights shared and draw conclusions.

Project representatives

Expert panel


How policy and finance can support restoration

This session will feature a panel discussion focusing on policy advocacy and restoration funding. Building on the presentations in the previous session, the panel will discuss what is working and assess what is missing in restoration projects today.


Closing statement and announcement of the 2024 Restoration Stewards

Join us as we announce the next cohort of Restoration Stewards – youth restoration practitioners who will receive funding, mentorship and training to grow their projects next year.




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Media Seminar


Alongside the GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference: A New Vision for Earth
Free online seminar in English | 4–5 October 2023, 13:00–14:30 (UTC+2 / CEST)

Hosted by:

Session Recordings

The Earth is in crisis. How can journalists and news content creators best inform decision makers across all spheres and audiences at large? 

Join fellow journalists, scientists and changemakers to discover hot topics, key contacts and tools to cover the climate and biodiversity crises, and highlight the sovereign solutions needed for a prosperous and sustainable future. Ask experts anything and share your experiences to make the most of the largest GLF global conference of the year as well as the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP28). 

Pitch your story on any critical topic to be addressed at the GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference: A New Vision for Earth, and get the chance to be awarded a USD 500 story grant to produce your news piece. * 



4 October 2023, 13:00–14:30 (UTC+2 / CEST)


Opening remarks: why "a new vision for Earth"?



Sneak peek at the global hybrid conference “GLF Nairobi 2023: A New Vision for Earth.” 


Ocean reporting in the era of climate emergency

30-minute panel and 10-minute Q&A

Session host: Pulitzer Center



The seriousness of the climate emergency is blatantly evident this year. We’ve had the hottest days and anomalies never seen before. One disturbing indicator is the temperature of the oceans. Marine issues are increasingly at the core of the climate change debate. In this online panel, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center, journalists share how they are working on improving the coverage of the ocean. We will hear from reporters investigating the effects of climate change on fishing stocks and how this is driving conflicts in communities of the Global South. We will also explore science stories that connect local impacts with the global effects of global warming. 


A ‘land’ of opportunities

30-minute panel and 10-minute Q&A 

Session host: G20 Global Land Initiative, UNCCD



Land restoration plays a significant role in promoting sustainable development, environmental conservation, and social inclusion. Women and youth, who often constitute a considerable percentage of the population in many countries, especially developing countries, can particularly benefit from these efforts. This session will explore how land restoration can, at once, benefit women and youth and contribute to achieving global goals, including on climate action, food security, economic growth and gender equality, for a sustainable future. It will also highlight available resources and data platforms that journalists can use in their reporting to increase and improve the coverage of land degradation and related issues. 


5 October 2023, 13:00–14:30 (UTC+2 / CEST)


A rights-based approach: Reporting on indigenous affairs, climate and the environment

30-minute panel and 10-minute Q&A 

Session host: Grist



Climate change has a disproportionate effect on Indigenous peoples even though Indigenous communities contribute the least to greenhouse emissions. Rising temperatures threaten food sovereignty, land and resources, and often put Indigenous peoples in the crosshairs of green project development. Journalists continue to be a last line of defense for Indigenous rights around the world and play a crucial role in helping the public understand how protecting the environment is braided into the protection of human rights. In partnership with Grist, this panel will feature Indigenous Affairs reporters who will offer tips and tools on how to report stories at the intersection of climate and Indigenous rights. 


Fireside chat with scientists

Short topic presentations and Q&A

Session host: CIFOR-ICRAF


Extreme weather and natural disasters are making the effects of climate and biodiversity crises more visible than ever. Can we fix the broken ecosystems? How to secure food for the future? Join the session with top scientists to delve into the pivotal role of science in understanding and crafting solutions to these multifaceted crises, from the grassroots level to the highest echelons of policymaking. This is an opportunity to ask about biodiversity, climate, and restoration ahead of the GLF Global Conference: A New Vision for Earth, and the UN Climate Change Conference COP28. 




12 October 2023

16:45 - 17:30

How community media can drive climate action

Panel and Q&A 

Session host: DW Akademie



After the media seminar, follow this live panel presented by the DW Akademie during the hybrid conference GLF Nairobi 2023: A New Vision for Earth.  

Climate science and climate politics are extremely complex matters. In order to allow people to realize what is at stake, massive amounts of data and regulations must be translated into a language that everybody understands. Media and journalism are needed to do this job. But how can climate information be generated by and for communities, using their own local media, and thus, activate people for the necessary debate about solutions? The panel, hosted by DW Akademie, will focus on the challenges for community media, highlighting best practices from Africa and Latin America.   

DW Akademie is Deutsche Welle’s center for international media development, journalism training and knowledge transfer. Our projects strengthen the human right to freedom of expression and unhindered access to information.  

Add it to your calendar here. 

How to apply

This online seminar is open to English-speaking journalists who report on climate change and sustainable development and are currently collaborating with at least one media outlet of global, regional or national reach. It will gather journalists who share a passion for learning and raising awareness about the environment. 

We can only accept a limited number of participants. Therefore, we encourage you to:   

  • Be very precise with the information you will provide in the application form below.  
  • Share the most recent and/or relevant content that you have produced related to environmental topics.  
  • Attend all the seminar sessions on 4–5 October 2023 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Quintero (k.quintero@cifor-icraf.org) and Jackline Kimathi (j.kimathi@cifor-icraf.org)  

The applicants will be informed of their selection by 3 October. 

*The seminar participants will receive a form to pitch their stories after sessions. We will inform you of the selected stories before GLF Nairobi 2023. 

The application period has ended

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Landscape Leadership Workshop 2023

2023 Landscape Leadership Workshop

As it happened


9–10 October 2023


Nairobi, Kenya



On 9 and 10 October, the 2023 Landscape Leadership Workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya, to set the scene for the GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference: A New Vision for Earth. Co-designed by the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL), and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), the workshop brought together 45 brilliant young minds from Africa and around the world selected from over 700 applicants to drive impactful and transformative change.

Together, we brainstormed out of the box to find landscape solutions to the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, social injustices and other major challenges. We held hands while sharing our feelings about the world. We harnessed  the power of art to challenge dominant narratives. We will forever cherish the memories we made, and we will continue to nourish these new relationships with care.

To support healthy and equitable landscapes for current and future generations, we must embody and practice landscape leadership: collaborative leadership that cares for people and their livelihoods, values ecosystems and facilitates action that goes beyond business as usual. 

The 2023 Landscape Leadership Workshop will be a hub of invaluable knowledge, skills, tools and insights on how you can become a landscape leader. The carefully curated sessions, interactive discussions and hands-on activities will encourage participants to navigate complex challenges, materialize visions rooted in the landscape approach and grounded by justice, and collaborate across sectors. 

But it’s not just about learning; it’s about building lifelong connections. The Landscape Leadership Workshop will be a unique networking platform, connecting you with fellow participants, renowned experts during GLF Nairobi, and potential new collaborators. You will have the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, stories, knowledge and hope, and be part of a supportive Africa-wide network that extends far beyond the duration of the program.

The full agenda of the workshop will be shared with the selected participants.

Africa’s youth are already champions for landscape action and community-based solutions. This means they have immense potential to forge a new development model and realize sovereign visions for the continent. 


If you are:

  • A student, young professional, expert or visionaire (18–35 years old); 
  • And a citizen of an African country;
  • And a passionate advocate for thriving peoples and landscapes;

Then this edition of the 2023 Landscape Leadership Workshop is for you! 

We would like to especially encourage individuals from underrepresented groups across Africa to apply.

CDKN, in partnership with the GLF and YIL, is launching a grant coupled with peer learning, mentoring and training opportunities to support the participation of underrepresented youth voices into global conversations and understanding of climate justice. 

As part of the application for the Landscape Leadership Workshop, you can also apply to be considered for this grant.

If selected, you will receive $2,000 to work towards realising your vision of a just climate future.

In addition, you will form part of a cohort of young artivists, activists, community-minded individuals and change makers from the majority world (predominantly Africa and including fellows from Indonesia and Brazil). 

Grantees will be encouraged to participate in a number of events, peer-learning, and training opportunities over a six-month period to grow and share their existing knowledge, expertise and learning amongst the cohort and more widely.

More information on the grant can be found here.

Applications are now closed.

There will be limited places at the workshop. Applications are now closed.

Some tips for your application: 

  • The application will take about seven (7) minutes to complete.  
  • You will need to submit a 1-minute video for the application answering the question: How can we achieve climate justice for Africa’s communities,  landscapes and seascapes?
  • If you would like to be considered for the CDKN grant opportunity, don’t forget to complete the grant section of the application form. You will be required to submit a budget breakdown to a maximum of $2,000.

Please note that all applicants will receive an automatic confirmation email, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted beyond that.

If you have any issues with the application form, please contact the GLF Youth Communications Officer, Hyginus Laari.

Applications are now closed.

Here are  some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the GLF Youth Coordinator, Eirini Sakellari

What is the language of the application and the workshop?

The application form is in English, which will also be the working language of the workshop. 

How will you select workshop participants?

Applicants will be selected based on their passion and motivation, demonstrated interest in a landscape and climate justice issue or cause, clarity of responses, and ability to implement ideas and collaborate.

When will the workshop take place? 

Selected participants including awarded grantees are expected to attend the workshop in person on 9–10 October and the GLF Nairobi Hybrid Conference on 11–12 October. 

Will funding be available?

All travel, accommodation and associated attendance costs for the five awarded grantees will be covered. We further have a limited number of travel scholarships available to cover other participants’ travel, accommodation and associated attendance costs to and from Nairobi. We will award scholarships based on need and merit. The remaining delegates are expected to raise their own funds to attend, though our team will be available to assist with fundraising wherever possible.

I am under 18 or over 35, can I still apply?

Unfortunately not, but we encourage you to join us at the GLF Nairobi Hybrid Conference. If you are under 18, please contact GLF Youth Coordinator Eirini Sakellari to discuss other ways you can get involved.

Applications are now closed. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted soon.


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  • South Africa
    Youth Engagement Manager
    Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN)
  • Varun Tumuluru
    Global Landscapes Forum
  • Robert Meya
  • Nadia Sitas
    South Africa
    CDKN/ SouthSouthNorth
  • Michelle du Toit
    South Africa
    CDKN/ SouthSouthNorth
  • Kenya
  • Lucia Scodanibbio
    South Africa
    CDKN/ SouthSouthNorth
  • Kenya
    Global Landscapes Forum
  • Founder, Restoration Steward 2022
    Light On A Hill, The GLF
  • Environmentalist
    Global Landscapes Forum
  • INUKA Project coordinator
  • Aiita Joshua Apamaku
    Education Taskforce Lead
  • Co-founder, Dryland Restoration Steward 2022
    Nature and People as One (NAPO) co-founder & GLFx Africa Officer


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GLF Nairobi 2023 Photo Competition

GLF Nairobi 2023:
What’s your vision for Earth?

No matter where you are in the world, there’s always someone near you working to restore our planet.

So, our task for you is simple: get out there and snap some photos of them!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the GLF Nairobi 2023 Photo Competition. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, nature or urban photographer, we’d love to see what’s happening in your local landscapes and some of the incredible solutions being implemented to preserve and protect them.

We want to show the world images of positive steps being taken towards a healthier Earth, whether it’s land restoration, urban and rural generative farming, biodiversity conservation, or something else. It’s your call – so get your cameras ready and take us on this visual journey!

Entries will be accepted until 26 July. Finalists will be announced by the end of July, with winners announced late August. The best photos will be showcased at the GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference and featured on the GLF’s Flickr account.

Good luck, and we look forward to receiving your submissions!

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