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Effective tools for understanding, managing and accelerating impact

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Date : 26 October 2017

Measuring “performance” in the private sector seems easy: reduce cost and increase profit.

We face more challenges in the development sector, or in the wider non-profit world. How do we measure the performance of a development organisation/project? Most will say: “Easy… By measuring our impact”.

Then, the question is “how do we measure our impact”?

How do we design effective measurement tools for the understanding, management and acceleration of impact?

In our next webinar, we are teaming up with GFAR’s partner organisations COSA (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) and GLF (the Global Landscapes Forum) to find the answers.

Working with governments, development agencies and major corporations, COSA has evolved innovative and very pragmatic and science-based approaches that work.

Daniele Giovannucci, President of COSA, will share some of the state of the art solutions developed by COSA, a consortium of institutions fostering effective ways to measure and understand sustainability in the agri-food sector.

He will be joined by other COSA colleagues and representatives from the Government of Mexico, award-winning corporations and a leading international NGO to discuss the pragmatic ways they apply COSA metrics to drive their innovations and sustainability practices.

COSA tools cover a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from impact assessments to performance monitoring, and are suitable for both micro and macro levels of analysis, progressing from the farm household, to the producer organization, and up to the landscape level. For all COSA tools, open access and comparability are regarded as key for intelligent testing and scaling.

The “questions and answers” session with our public audience will be moderated by David Thomas from the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), a multi-faceted and experienced development specialist. As such, this webinar is also part of the series of “GLF Digital Summits” discussing sustainable development in eco-systems, spanning the spectrum across food security, eco-systems and sustainable/integrated landscape development/research. (Check out the first GLF Digital Summit too!)

So, join us in our next webinar!

Join us!

Date: Thursday October 26 – at 15:00 Rome time (13:00 GMT)
Duration: 2 hours
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This webinar is a collaborative effort: our panel of experts worked together to share their experiences and approaches, their trials and errors.

We will give ample opportunity for all webinar participants to join into the discussion, either to share their own experiences, hints and tricks, or to ask questions to the speakers, or to the entire group.

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The Global Landscapes Forum puts communities first in addressing landscape-level issues. With science and traditional knowledge at the core, GLF events are designed not only to spark dialogue but also follow-through to impact in addressing some of the most complex and multi-stakeholder problems facing our earth and our communities. Measuring progress towards climate and development goals is on of the five central themes of the Global Landscapes Forum.


Key questions

  1. How is measuring sustainability different from other metrics in agriculture?
  2. Costs for fieldwork and analysis limit good research. I understand that you are making the collection of sustainability data more affordable. How?
  3. There are so many ways to measure, how do you decide what indicators you should use to measure sustainable practices?
  4. Companies are increasingly engaged in credible or not so credible sustainability efforts across global supply chains. Why do companies seem to do so poorly and stumble around real sustainability?
  5. Who are the end users for the sustainability data and analysis you provide?
  6. How do you account for the differences in agro-ecological zones or regions when you note that indicators are standardized?
  7. How can a company or development agency integrate sustainability data into its regular operations?
  8. How do you know if sustainability data is credible and reliable?

If you have any questions on impact measurement and impact tools, before the webinar, then just drop them in, as a comment underneath this blog. We value your input!

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About GLF Digital Summits

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