Conference on Forest Monitoring and Restoration in the Caucasus and Central Asia

26 November 2020
All day


This part of the conference would feature the final meeting for the UNDA project “Accountability Systems for Sustainable Forest Management in the Caucasus and Central Asia” (2016-2020), that was implemented in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Objective of this online meeting is to review results of the project and strengthen capacity on methodologies for data collection for indicators under criteria and indicators’ sets for sustainable forest management. International and national experts will present policy briefs on relevant topics developed within the project.


This part of the conference will provide an opportunity for countries of the region to discuss implementation of the Astana Resolution, as well as explore funding options. Meeting aims to support implementation of pledges under the Bonn Challenge to achieve the restoration of 3 million hectares in the region by 2030. It will provide an overview of Forest Landscape Restoration efforts in the region, challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic and possible solutions.

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