Panel discussion: Forest Landscape Restoration and Climate Change Ambition

11 Dec 2018

There is broad acknowledgement in the global climate community that forests and land are both part of the climate change problem and solution. Conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems and sustainable land use practices in managed landscapes are crucial in all pathways described in the IPCC Special Report on the impacts global average temperature increase […]

Panel discussion: Implementing the UNFCCC Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples’ Platform

11 Dec 2018

Hear from leaders, Charlotte Streck, Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti, Annie Te One and Stanley Kimaren ole Riamit in discussions around implementing the UNFCCC Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples’ Platform.  

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz – Closing Remarks, GLF at COP24

10 Dec 2018

How can all the issues discussed today bridge the science – calling for urgent action on climate change in the landscapes – with how people live and act on a daily basis? Key speakers will reflect on how we can ensure we meet Paris Agreement targets through the lens of rights, political accountability and collaboration. […]