Mark Davis

Agricultural manager, researcher

Mark Davis has been a farmer, agricultural manager, researcher, regulator, NGO advocate, project manager and policy maker in the fields of agriculture and development for almost 40 years. He has worked in agricultural cooperatives, NGOs, government and the UN. Trained as an ecologist, agricultural manager and information systems engineer, Mark developed a specialization in sustainable agriculture practices, project and programme development and strategic planning. He played key roles in developing programmes to remove obsolete pesticides from Africa (Africa Stockpiles Programme), to advance the global agenda on pesticide risk reduction, to develop the widely accepted approach to sustainable intensification of crop production (Save & Grow), to formulate FAO’s principles of sustainability in rural development (Sustainable Food and Agriculture), and he led the preparation of the FAO Climate Change Strategy and designed the FAO Environmental and Social Safeguards programme. Mark currently works with the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention at the University of Edinburgh and supports international activities aimed at eliminating pesticide risks and supporting sustainable agriculture.