José Joaquín Campos Arce

Executive Director

“José Joaquín Campos Arce is the SAN’s Executive Director since May 2019 but has over 30 year-experience in international development, science and education, combining technical, senior management and governance expertise with international cooperation, technical, academic and scientific organizations and NGO´s.
He has strong technical expertise in sustainable management of forests and rural development and is passionate about collective impact to address the global challenges. From 2008-2016 he was director general of CATIE, an international organization based in Costa Rica. From January 2017 to April 2019 he was Chair of the Board of Trustees of CIFOR and currently Vice-Chair of the Board of the CIFOR-ICRAF Merger.
He has served in several boards and task forces, including IUFRO, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank. Has been faculty of CATIE´s Graduate School.
José has a doctorate in forest sciences from the University of Oxford, a master in Natural Resources Management from CATIE/University of Costa Rica and B.Sc. in forestry from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Has published over 100 technical and scientific papers.”