His Majesty Ngwenyama Inkosi Ya Makhosi Gomani V

King of the Maseko Nguni/Ngoni

His Majesty has marked passion for the protection and restoration of trees and forests for our climate, for our food, and for countless other aspects of our daily lives. He passionately believes traditional leaders are well-placed to lead the disruptive change needed to halt land degradation, conserve the remaining trees and forests, and restore the deforested and degraded landscapes. He is a Patron of <em>Ngwenyama Environmental Initiative</em>, a local initiative that promotes environmental stewardship in all areas under his jurisdiction. His Majesty is a member of the coordinating team of the <em>Lilongwe Chapter of the Global Landscapes Forum</em>. He provides traditional leaders’ perspective to stimulate large-scale, on-ground forest restoration actions across deforested and degraded landscapes in Malawi.
His Majesty Willard Mswati Gomani was born on 4th October, 1995. He was officially coronated King of the Maseko Nguni/Ngoni of Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa at the age of 16 years on 5th August 2012. He is a direct descendant of the amaNgcamane Maseko Kings of Southern Africa. History traces the first amaNgcamqne Maseko King to 802 AD.