Videos: Landscape Talks

Paola Agostini – A financial road map to turn wastelands into vital lands

27 Dec 2018

Making the argument that FLR is doable everywhere, the talk presents a road map of why and how landscapes can be restored from wastelands to vital lands. The talk uses vivid examples, highlights innovative financial instruments, showcases cutting edge partnerships with private actors, and emphasizes the focal value of international partnerships, e.g. the Bonn Challenge. […]

Dorothea Pio – Coupling restoration finance streams for long-term success

27 Dec 2018

The talk will have a strong community focus and will include learning around how to support women, girls and vulnerable groups to find their voice in decisions around natural resource management and particularly with respect to growing their role in the administration of Payment for Ecosystem Service funds in historically patriarchal societies. The talk will […]

Re-imagining palm oil: A living landscape approach in the heart of Africa

27 Dec 2018

This talk will present the Olam Palm Gabon plantations, the world’s first independently verified climate-positive palm plantations, which have catalysed a multi-stakeholder initiative for sustainable agriculture, including a national land use plan and enabling regulatory framework, in the world’s most rainforest-rich nation. Palm oil is the world’s most controversial crop, but beyond the polemic, what […]

David Meyers – More than the money Financial solutions for natural landscapes

27 Dec 2018

This talk will show how financing sustainable landscapes requires a comprehension of the systems driving ecosystem loss and degradation, public regulatory and fiscal policy, and the arsenal of potential finance solutions. Building on David’s experience from the last 4 years at the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (UNDP), he will provide examples of how “finance solutions” can […]

Susanne Wallenoffer – Out of the forest and into the landscape of Central Asia

27 Dec 2018

This landscape talk will focus on viewing forest management as part of a wider landscape management approach. By showcasing a solution for sustainable and integrative forest management that has been successfully practiced in Central Asia, the talk aims at highlighting the need for a landscape perspective in forest management planning to address the various environmental, […]

Stephen Garnett – Why indigenous peoples are crucial to conservation

27 Dec 2018

Indigenous Peoples have long been recognised as central players in many of the world’s landscapes. However, the extent of their influence has never been fully understood – no attempt has ever been made to quantify the area owned or managed by Indigenous Peoples, the condition of those lands, the uses to which those lands are […]

Socrates Schouten – The Chamber of Commons: New models of cooperation

27 Dec 2018

Exciting examples of sustainable landscape management occur when governments, private organisations and civil society organisations work together to establish and finance new courses of action. There is a great flurry of new arrangements observing to these ‘landscape commons’. Similar to the Chamber of Commerce, we need more structural and vocal representation of these kind of […]

Kim Cartensen – The role of forest certification in resilient landscapes

27 Dec 2018

How can forest restoration best be incentivized and monitored? Which finance and policy instruments best support integrated approaches and payments for externalities? How can communities and SMEs be connected to financiers and project developers for landscape management and restoration initiatives? These are questions the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has grappled with for a number of […]

Jefferson Hall – Applying key lessons to restore tropical landscapes

27 Dec 2018

Dr. Jefferson Hall’s research focuses on understanding the flow of goods and services provided by tropical forests and how they change with land use and climate change. He is also the Director of Smithsonian’s Agua Salud project which includes a 700-hectare landscape-scale laboratory to understand the role of biodiversity in regulating stream flow, sequestering carbon, […]

Gita Syahrani – Landscape Talks GLF Bonn 2018

18 Dec 2018

Research have pointed that to date – there is no incentives for politically elected leaders to push for sustainability on their jurisdiction. The talk will explore the current process of defining success and connecting available incentives from public finance, market actors and charity through Jurisdictional Approach (JA) to support committed jurisdictional leaders in Indonesia to better implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reduce emission and practice Open Government. The aim is also to pinpoint key building blocks, opportunities, challenges in ‘herding the sustainable investment cats’.