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Lucas DeAlmeida Nationality: Brazilian
Country of residence: Brazil

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Comunitarius - Urban Agriculture

I’m Lucas, a senior year undergraduate student of Nutritional Sciences in Brazil. I am dedicated to promoting a new food system, changing our urban places into green spaces with food.

Unfortunately, there is a high number of people living in poverty and misery around the world. One option to solve this issue or to reduce the damage caused by no access to food is to adopt a new food system. We need to reconsider how we usually produce and distribute food; it is possible to feed all these people combining technologies and sustainable techniques.

I am talking about urban agriculture and agroecology. We can reuse vacant lots, rooftops, health centers, schools and universities to plant organic food and to promote health globally. My journey as a local leader started with combining science contributions and social demands.

Lucas and a little girl with her seedling - Joses

We decided to create a start-up called Comunitarius; our crew is a group made of senior undergraduate students of nutrition, agronomy and economy, alongside local leaders engaged in urban agriculture. Our main objective is to empower poor communi

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