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Be a part of the movement in Bonn

An estimated 2,000 participants, along with a global online audience, will meet for two days of engagement, discussion, learning and innovation at the GLF Bonn. Discussions will revolve around five themes: rights, food and livelihoods, landscape restoration, financing sustainable landscapes and measuring progress towards climate and development goals.

There are many ways to participate by hosting and/or attending various activities, including:

  • Discussion Forums that work to accelerate action towards sustainable landscapes;
  • Landscape Laboratories that showcase innovations in technology, approaches and programs;
  • Digital Summits, online events held before, during and after the event that include engaging webinars and outreach campaigns to foster global input into key topics;
  • Landscape learning opportunities that allow participants to engage with the latest curated content on the cutting edge of landscape thinking;
  • The Youth in Landscapes (YIL) initiative;
  • Opportunities to contribute to Landscape News and other online platforms through articles, blogs, photographs, videos and more;
  • Enter competitions and activities, such as the GLF drone competitions, photo competitions and others.

Write to us and tell us how you would like to participate!

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