Contestant list

Name Blog title
1 Zak Mather-Gratton Zak Mather-Gratton’s blog
2 Olumide Oyekunle Why the Suicide Rate is on the Increase
3 Ratna Tesalonika Why Peatland?
4 Asonglefac Jingo Pretty Who says Peatlands are Unproductive?
5 Andrea Cristina Ruiz, Diego de Leon Segovia and Sarah Cruz What if we didn’t have to choose between green and growth?
6 Mahesh Chander We are going to be more CLEAN and GREEN by 2019
7 Adewale-Olasupo Bamgbala The Yoruba – An observer’s perspective
8 Nyendo Kinyonga The world landscape is changing but who can save it? The case of morogoro-Tanzania
9 Jaap van der Waarde The TRIDOM Tales
10 Chimee Adioha The Story of Badia East
11 Antony Ochieng Odhiambo The Role Of Youth And Women In Climate Change-Mitigation In Kenya: The Trees For Peace (GreenPrint) Project By Peace Ambassadors’ Integration Organization-Kenya
12 Israel Bionyi Nyoh The Matter of the Land in South Sudan: Where is Hope for Agriculture?
13 Waas Thissen The importance of communicating the value of healthy landscapes (and clean teeth) by Waas Thissen
14 Hudson Shiraku The Heroes of Khumusala
15 Aisha Nankanja The Green Revolution Uganda
16 Lyemary Brimah-Sallu The Disaster of Mudslide
17 Eden Yitna Teferedegn The Blessed Land
18 Prashant Bhandari The Bastards of Conservation
19 Terisa Tamang Terisa Tamang’s blog
20 Stephen Agabus Stephen Agabus’s blog
21 Stanley Ibeh Stanley Ibeh’s blog
22 Suzanne Hodges SALT in the Soil, Eyes on the Skies
23 Ringnyu Yerbong Rights
24 Karisio Seveyage Restoration of the Global Landscape
25 Christian Mwijage Recycling to Preserve Natural Forests and Increase Access to Medical Facilities
26 Christian Mwijage Recycling to Preserve Natural Forests and Increase Access to Medical Facilities
27 Ramzi Kaddoussi Ramzi Kaddoussi’s blog
28 John N. Wairore Peek Inside a local Bonn Challenge – 30 years ago
29 Eden Teferedegn Our Unresolved Challenge
30 Tinka George William On Spreading Good Land-Use Practices that Improve People’s Livelihoods
31 Mohammed Bayero Yayandi Nigeria should embrace clean energy revolution
32 Nancy Mtenga My First Five
33 HUSSAINI GARBA MOHAMMED My experience at the 4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum July 11, 2017
34 Muhammad Arshed Rafiq Muhammad Arshed Rafiq’s blog
35 Kaze Delphin More than a Renewable Energy
36 Mohammed Bayero Yayandi Mohammed Bayero Yayandi’s blog
37 Tabby Njung'e Measuring Progress towards Climate and Development Goals
38 Manuela Alejandra Soriano García Manuela Alejandra Soriano García’s blog
39 Arjunan Elayaraja Arjunan Mangroves and Climate Changes
40 Chancelle Bamuhaye Ma vie d’Umutwakazi, entre pauvreté et stigmatisation
41 Louis Agbokou Louis Agbokou’s blog
42 Adeniyi Joseph Look for that Opportunity
43 Mahesh Chander Living in the forests, is it Human?
44 Al-Ameen Yussuf Life as a Unit; Life as a Goal
45 Lena Nezhevenko Lena Nezhevenko’s blog
46 Woo Yoon Ho Learn How to See, Everything is Connected.
47 Magaji Buba Leadership as the Driving Force of Humanity: An Effective Tool for Restoration
48 Katie Minderhoud Landscapes Unbanked: The long road from Village Lending Schemes to Cryptocurrencies? Let’s take a shortcut!
49 Catherine Gamba-Trimino Landscape restoration in post-conflict Colombia: peace building regional development with global impacts
50 Zain Noor Rahman Landscape Restoration in Disaster Affected Areas: seeing the market as a part of the solution
51 Mona Poorzady Land Use Planning for Low Carbon Energies
52 Justin Kasunyu Justin Kasunyu’s blog
53 Joseph Mwakima Joseph Mwakima’s blog
54 Christopher Au Insuring Sustainable Development
55 Willemijn de Iongh Inside look into ‘ground-truthing’ holistic indicators for landscape restoration
56 Jorge Watanabe Imiría, el esplendor de Ucayali
57 Ildephonse Nsengiyumva Ildephonse Nsengiyumva’s blog
58 Hicham FILALI ZEHRI I Believe in the Green Religion, do you?
59 Thuan Sarzynski How many species are needed to maintain ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes ?
60 Morenike Daniel How Landscapes Form An Integral Part Of Our Livelihood
61 Vania Olmos How Can we Restore Landscapes Offering Food for People and Wildlife?
62 Gloria Muzaaya Nalule Hoping for a World of Solutions
63 Hasbullah Ull Hasbullah Ull’s blog
64 Habimans Jacques Habimana Jacques’s blog
65 Gloria Mari Gloria Mari’s blog
66 Ehimare Ehon Global Landscape: Present systems and their safety mechanisms for the future
67 Dorcas Omole Get in here darlings; let me inject some fun loving ways to be a FOODIE!
68 Gabriel Karsan Gabriel Karsan’s blog
69 Samuel Orndorff Free, Prior, Informed Consent and Indigenous rights
70 Jackson Sapuleni Food and Rural Livelihoods
71 Vianney Nduwimana Food and Livelihoods
72 Udoh Benedict Food and Livelihoods
73 Agyver Sawunyama Floundering
74 Antony Odhiambo Feeding Our Global Future Through Youth & Women Involvement In (Climate-Adaptive) Urban Agriculture
75 Lorretta Kade Everyday People
77 Stephen Nduvi Embracing Social Accountability for Effective Public Service Delivery
78 Elfridah Mrombo Elfridah Mrombo’s blog
79 Isaac Chidiebere Dying Green
80 Dohounheho Mathieu Dohounheho Mathieu’s blog
81 Annita Kirwa Discover the potential of marriage between a woman and Landscapes to achieving Sustainable development
82 Akshay Prayag Digital, Empowered and Indifferent
83 Desti Ayunda Desti Ayunda’s blog
84 Desi Natalia Desi Natalia’s blog
85 Cristina Barber Cristina Barber’s blog
86 Nikki Pilania Chaudhary Conservation Agriculture: Essential for Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environment
87 Sylvanus S.P. Doe Collective stewardship: reconnecting sustainability values to restoring coastal landscapes
88 Abraham Amali Charcoal transition and biodiversity loss in northern Nigeria
89 Bukola Oyedokun Bukola Oyedokun’s blog
90 Ogwal Joseph Building an Africa free from hunger and poverty
91 Brian Orina Brian Orina’s blog
92 Bernard Lim Bernard Lim’s blog
93 Livingstone Imonitie Becoming Your Dreams
94 Maulline Gragau Baringo Aloe Bio-enterprise Development Project (The Babe project)
95 Austine Edim Awake, Africa, Awake!
96 Anass El Adraoui Anass El Adraoui’s blog
97 Agbodemu Ishola Musbau Agony of Slumdwellers
98 Abdallah Issah Abdallah Issah’s blog
99 Maryanne Kabura Gathemia A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
100 Alexander Watson A Map is Worth a Thousand Words
101 Peter Kangethe A Euro and a Dream.