Prospect of marine tourism in Indonesia: challenges and opportunities towards sustainable tourism and low carbon destination

Frans Teguh
The strength of Indonesia as the 2nd longest coastline and biggest archipelago for marine base tourism development with the significant growth, competitiveness and sustainability. Marine base tourism highlights the future of prime resource base tourism product for this country. Of 35% visitors come to Indonesia they prefer to nature destination (45% on Ecotourism, 35% Marine Tourism ad 20% adventure). Indonesia is targeting 4 million marine tourists in 2019.

Low carbon destination is in line with program on Sustainable tourism which the purpose is to respond climate changes, minimize global warming and environmental damages. In national level, MoT has been focusing its contribution in 3 major initiatives by policy and regulation; program and project; and award. There are 3 (three) main programs of Sustainable tourism in Indonesia: 1) Sustainable Tourism Destination (STD); 2) Sustainable Tourism Observatory (STO); and 3) Sustainable Tourism Certification (STC) to serve high quality tourism destination including best quality and excellence tourism destination.

Some actions through initiative waste management & control emission are being taken to ensure the implementation of Carrying capacity/Level of Acceptable Change in mari
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