Challenges and Opportunities of Blue Carbon Implementation in Indonesia: MMAF Perspective

Hendra Yusran Siry
As an emerging alternative concept to address adverse effects of climate change, blue carbon is still in process of policy implementation. Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) Indonesia shares its concerns to promote blue carbon implementation. Several initiated researches on assessing potential carbon storage in coastal wetland ecosystems and actions for preventing coastal degradation on have been done by the MMAF to promote blue carbon implementation. MMAF has been participating since 2009 in climate change negotiation process in mainstreaming blue carbon and healthy coastal ecosystems as mandate of the Manado Ocean Declaration of the World Ocean Conference. In blue carbon implementation, healthy ecosystems and benefit for fisheries and food security are focus of blue carbon implementation. This presentation provides the documentation of the last five years effort of the MMAF in translating the concept of blue carbon into the ministerial policy. There are several challenges and opportunities in implementing blue carbon policy, such as coastal area in Indonesia underwent massive erosion with an annual rate of 1,950 Ha/year. This leads to significant damages to the coastal wetland ecosystems such as mangrove ecosystem. Despi
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Ulet Ifansasti/CIFOR
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