Carbon storage quantification in Pasar Banggi Mangrove Forest, Rembang, Central Java

Naisa Aqila and Eko Haryono
The aims of this research are (1) to measure the carbon storage in mangrove forest from the surface, roots and mud substrate in each year of planting, (2) to indicate the total carbon content, and (3) to know the economic value of carbon from Pasar Banggi mangrove forest. The method of this research using non-destructive sampling method. Sampling method used plot measuring 10 x 10 m in size. The total carbon is measured using allometric equations through measurement of plant diameter > 5 cm.
There are four zoning year, those are1970-1988, 1970-1990, 1980-1990, and 1990-2013. Total carbon content in Pasar Banggi mangrove forest is 753,39 ton C/ha which 1970-1980 planting year has the highest amount of carbon content as much as 276,74 ton C/ha. Total content of CO2 absorption is 2.764,93 ton CO2/ha. Total economic value of carbon is Rp. 73.685.460. The economic value can be derived from other benefits of mangrove forests such as wood, leaves, fruits, and tourism activity in this mangrove forest.
biomass, carbon, mangrove, economic value
Photo by
Mokhamad Edliadi/CIFOR
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