• Day 1: Tuesday, 17 July 2018
  • 16:30-18:00 Jakarta time (GMT+7)

Understanding hydrodynamic and sustainable coastal resources

Ruang Serbaguna (Floor 4)
A coastal region is an area where land meets the sea or ocean, and includes very sensitive coastal ecosystems (mangroves, seagrass and coral reefs), complex estuaries as well as unique topographies such as bay areas or semi-enclosed seas. Therefore, hydrodynamic processes play an important role in resources distribution, marine biota community structures, material exchanges in coastal waters, pollutant dispersion and coastline changes. Potential discussion topics:
  • Waves, sediment transport and coastal changes
  • Tidal currents, residual currents and material distribution
  • Ocean energy in the coastal zone (wind, wave, tidal wave, ocean current)

Presented papers

Safwan Hadi Climate change, waves and coastal vulnerability
Safwan Hadi and Hamzah Latief
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AR Kartadikaria CO2 sink/source characteristics in the tropical Indonesian seas
AR Kartadikaria, A Watanabe, K Nadaoka, NS Adi, HB Prayitno, S Soemorumekso, M Muchtar, I Triyulianti, A Setiawan, S Suratno, and E N Khasanah
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Jamaluddin Jompa Potential impacts of climate change on ocean acidification for the future of blue carbon resources
Jamaluddin Jompa, Rohani Ambo Rappe, Abigail Moore, Alan Koropitan, Hawis Madduppa
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R. Bambang Adhitya Nugraha The Impact of land-used change on mangrove dynamic and shoreline changes in Muara Gembong, Bekasi, West Java
R. Bambang Adhitya Nugraha, Agus Setiawan, Fajar Prabawa, Dini Purbani, Anastasia RTD Kuswardani
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