The world landscape is changing but who can save it? The case of morogoro-Tanzania

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Nyendo Kinyonga

I grew up in the place where the land is green, covered with forest and when I look on the mountain side always the stream of water are flowing. Within the house always water are available , I didn’t know there is a time these feature will be an historical events. Years went on , almost 30 years now, I am a adults, still living in the same area. I see things are changing, I don’t see the stream of water again unless the rain fall, I don’t see the forest near the mountain, the green land is now depreciated .

I remember during my primary school there are different programmer on forest which prevent people for cutting down of trees like “ kilio cha mtu” where the diagram showing a tree is crying when somebody cut it down, that means we where taught not to cut the tree cause it will cry….hopes those are the best practices ice to preserve the environment and provide the carbon sink…

Where are those indigenous practice where there are some foresee reserve for traditional taboos , for example when there is bad things happens to the village , the elder went to the forest to pray for rituals so that they can reduce harm to the community…hopes these also help to preserve the environment like river and forest which also help to reduce emision and provide the carbon sink.

What I experience now is women moving with bucket to search water , the place change instead of a green land it’s now a brown land, I compare this place with desert. Why this happen ? I ask myself.

Climate is real changing , it’s upon us to act upon at individual to policy level on mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts ……

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