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GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Stanley Ibeh

Doubt simply means lack of confidence. The reason why most people end up living a life of regret is doubt. They doubted things that they could have done to change their history. They doubted things that they would have done to affect their generation. People are scared of starting something new because they doubted themselves. You see, most people are afraid of the Thief that comes at night to steal their belongings. But there’s a Thief in there mind, his name is doubt. This doubt has ruined more dreams than failure ever did. This doubt originates from the mind. In order to overcome doubt, the mind needs to be worked on first. The mindset needs to be changed. People need to embrace challenges. The nature of doubt is to always tell you that “you can’t do it” now if you are among those that still have words ring in there mind, it’s time to wake up. The future don’t wait for people, the future belongs to people who works for it. Those that believe in themselves, those whose minds have been manipulated towards positivity. Try the impossible in order to improve. You start overcoming doubt when you start doing things that you thought you won’t be able to do. What are you waiting for, pursue that dream today.

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