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Ramzi Kaddoussi

My city, city of mosques, the city of cafes and low buildings. My city is unemployment, the city of economic stagnation. Young people do not know anything other than harassment and girls do not find the status of adornment. Her men call it chivalry and when the grandfather finds them throwing on each other with a curse. My city is beautiful, its inhabitants are beautiful, its air is pure, you will not see a factory chimney, and no factory, no one wants to invest in my city. The roads of my city are clean, the cleaners are bent over all the time, collecting dirt. Residents of the lazy cities complain about the length of time of inertia. My city sleeps when the sun sets to become a forest, where the strong eat the weak. And in my city if you do not have a position you are despised, and if you are a bond and money you are respected. The inhabitants of my city are afraid and not ashamed. They complain of injustice and injustice against each other. The rich claim poverty and the poor claim richness. In my hometown, semi-journalists follow the news of semi-intellectuals, and they relate to illiterate politicians. In my town there is a magnificent theater dancing on its wood clowns and their performances are attended only by teenagers. Sometimes my youth is an oud player but always a musician. In the cities of several colleges and specialties. The number of recruits exceeds the number of successful candidates. Her students study and do not read, with higher degrees and lower grades. The libraries of my city sell books of interpretation of visions and dreams, wrote how to become a millionaire in ten days and how to become a leader during a dream. Cooking Books, Purity Books, Books Know Yourself You Do not Know Them, Books Without Any Meaning. The dust has also been added to them. In my city everyone encourages you to stand in the face of the tyrant and to fight, and if you do it they all denounce you. And after you leave, you will be silenced by those who encouraged you yesterday against your folly. If you succeed, you will be enraged by your success In all my city is watching you, everyone asks about you because he does not want you to beat him. Everyone wants to make more money and no one wants to work. My city is proud to say it is despicable. I love my city as loved by its people who are thinking of migrating.

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