My First Five

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Nancy Mtenga

Before reaching out to the world about my cause, i begun by reaching out to my household and the first five neighboring houses around me. Not only did it give me a focused goal, but also granted me with more results. Growing up my head was filled with all the fears of the afterlife and the current one, nobody comes up to say how important plants and the environment are, and not because of ignorance either, but simply because where i come from it is not a norm to pass down this type of information as it is respecting your elders, closing your mouth while you chew your food, or not wearing your clothes inside out. We learn everything as we grow, what choices to make, what is right and wrong. Just like how it is important for a child to learn how to speak so they can converse and use their speech, not to curse, always to say Thank you, then it should be of the same importance for them to understand how crucial it is to conserve and maintain the environment as they mature. Before we emphasize or decide to take a huge leap into influencing the world on how the environment is important, we should begin not only our households but five of the houses the surround yours as well. As a wife and a mother, just as it is important to pass down the values of respect, honor and religion. Teaching my children the right way to conserve the environment and making sure they spread the message to their playmates in the five houses that surround mine, would make me have small numbers to reach per day, but the quality of message delivered to them would last a lifetime. And one more after that. There are too many problems that have been spoken about as I have grown up and most of them would not be solved at all if we do not have a place to reside at to solve them. It becomes okay to push this responsibility out, or ignore it, or let our children learn about it in school and just understand it, because that is all we can do for now. Or at least we think so. I began with my household, then five houses, then reached many schools around me. Doors would always open for you when you are fighting for mother nature. Through a parent that my children had grouped up with in a recycling project, we were able to do some more greater change. The parent made amazing art pieces and he had agreed to make a free one for the school. A drawing that depicts how our planet earth is going through pain from the suffering we keep causing it wit our poor to no lack of care for it, and other planets neighbouring earth would stare and feel sorry for the chaos while having a sense of appreciation that they do not have any human beings on their sphere.

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