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GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Manuela Alejandra Soriano García

Spring has arrived and already beautiful flowers bloom in my city, my surroundings become greener; the colors are scattered all over my eyes. I love walking in the mornings and finding so much living nature that fills my soul with joy, welcomes me to a new day.

Constance land blessed by God with innumerable varied flora reflect the arrival of an era full of good hopes. Your beautiful mountains with a rich smell of life make my days the best of this life, oh! beautiful land in you reflects the hard work of peasants, who at the rhythm of songs and a shelter in the morning begin their work to take home the daily bread, the peace that my soul feels to see the beautiful creation of our God makes me feel committed to caring, sowing, harvesting, protecting and admiring to complete my happiness. I have been afraid to lose you loved nature because without you my life vanishes quickly, you have given me everything without even knowing me, in sad moments you are my company, I can spend hours contemplating your beauty and my feelings become purer towards you.

I cried for you because we make you suffer, our behaviors go beyond the limits, we do not take care of you as we should do but you will always be there for me and you will show me whenever you have power, I will listen to you, I will feel you and I will see that everything promised will be paid. But, it is time to reflect, not to turn back, I promise to give you the necessary care because it is time to put everything in control so that the next generations can have the same privileges that you and I had.

In this image we can appreciate that each one of us needs water to be able to grow, to live; without it there is no life, we always try to give it the proper use, respecting our planet to receive good results. Smile and bloom, it’s never too late to start again, remember this phrase; “You do not take care of yours until you lose it.”

In short, it will come that the flowers will dry and the leaves will fall, do not wait for autumn to come because it can come in the blink of an eye, life is short, enjoy everything you have because you are an extremely important, the fact of being here makes you special, you are fortunate to be able to be in a beautiful planet where there are thousands and thousands of species of flora and fauna, which is well the fact that you are here. In my memory will be the mornings of immense haze, with a radiant sun that slowly rises there on the horizon, where I can feel a fresh and immeasurable feeling of relief and inner peace, there in that place where I found the flowers that I only saw that morning of spring.

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