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Lena Nezhevenko

When I arrived to Israel and descended from the ramp of a plane, my first impression was about a very hot air and a green dessert. It was my first time to go abroad and I had a feeling that I am in a kind of paradise.

Everything was contrasting to the reality that I was used to, everything was floating and hovering in the air, but it was easy to breath. Then I learned that it took a lot of time and efforts to build this Paradise. Many people have spent their entire lives draining the marshes and making the land fertile. Others invested their fortunes in research, others invented the unthinkable ways of extracting a precious and very valuable resource – water (for example, desalination of sea water now goes to global scales, and once everything began in Haifa).

Over the past 100 years, the sand dunes of Tel Aviv have turned into one of the most comfortable cities on earth with beautiful and wonderful parks, where I ran to relax. I really liked to observe how to each tree is connected a hose, which switches on at certain times and carries out irrigation. And such a system of hoses existed everywhere, even in the most remote village.

People did not spend their time to support life of plants, automatic systems eliminate the slightest possibility of error or death of the tree. Despite this, each tree is treated as a member of the family – cherished and taken care of.

Even children have a clear understanding that trees are life and they need to be protected. No one would have thought to tear off the leaves from the bushes, to have your imaginary money for the game.

I wandered around not the safest areas, but I’ve never seen vandalism against trees. Apparently this is something that grafts from birth. It’s a shame that there was such an attitude towards nature only if one must be born in its lack of diverse and blooming environment.

But I believe that humanity is developing and soon the level of awareness will be much higher and in our actions this will be clearly evident.

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