Leadership as the Driving Force of Humanity: An Effective Tool for Restoration

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Magaji Buba

In the clusters of Humanity, every society is naturally a domain of good or bad Leadership. This means that the machinery of Leadership is a fundamental feature of every society no matter how far or near, prosperous or failing. For example, the phenomenon of Societal Stagnation, Degeneration and subsequent Collapse is largely due to bad Leadership. On the other hand, rapid Community Development, Mutual Cooperation and Political Stability signifies good Leadership within a Society.

As individuals, we always have some feelings of compulsion in seing that our communities develop under the direction of good Leadership. On the flip side of it, we mostly have worries and fears seing our communities degenerating and stagnating under bad Leadership. These are some of the mixed emotions that Leadership can drive within Humanity. But besides driving emotions, good Leadership specifically drives development within and between societies to the benefits of Humanity.

So the swinging of Humanity between good and bad emotions can be corrected by good Leadership, just as the crave of Humanity for development.

It can be seen how Compelling and Prevailing Leadership is to Humanity; as every society is always aiming to either maintain its rapid Community Development status or get out of its status of Stagnation and Degeneration as the case may be. And this is exactly why Leadership is also integral to the Triangle of Humanity, which is bounded by the two other sides of Survival and Relationships.

Seing it from the Triangle of Humanity also, Leadership is meant to drive the creation of Improved Means of Survival and Mutual Cooperation (Relationships) for the Common Good of all. This clearly shows the connection between the three sides in the Triangle of Humanity. It also shows the crucial influence of Leadership as a Driving Force to the two other sides of the Triangle; Survival and Relationships.

Given its crucial role as the Driving Force of Families, Societies and Humanity at large. The major concern is not how far or fast Leadership can drive Humanity but the direction it takes us to. So Leadership is not about Speed but Destination. A Leader speeding towards the wrong Destination is a calamity to his/her Society compared to the Visionary Leader still preparing to slowly take off in the right direction. This is how Leadership can be interpreted in the Triangle of Humanity.

Humanity is indeed indebted to the further commitment and advancement of Leadership. This is because we are all passengers in a Ship that is Driven by Leadership in such a situation that even our Destination is to be largely determined by the same factor of Leadership. And this makes Humanity an ideal dwelling point of Leadership.

Apart from being a Driving Force, true Leadership which is about the right Destination gives Humanity the Traction needed to speed safely unto Sustainable Community Development and Political Stability. The Driving Force of Humanity therefore must always have a clear Destination towards which to Drive Humanity. And that Destination should be the Common Good.

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