I Believe in the Green Religion, do you?

GLF 2017 Blog Competition

I dramatically came to believe that climate change is something linked to the religious term of Doomsday. People of the three major three religions know the term well but they do little to be saved. Simply put, climate change is a disturbance in climate mostly caused by pollution( and therefore heating). The same people also know that Satan, a fire creature used in religious literature, is the first enemy to humanity and life. Does this give meaning? Can anybody see the image I am seeing?! Climate change is something bigger, higher and more dangerous than it may seem. It’s the question of human survival and this humanity should unite under the same objective “we have to be saved, and nothing will save us if we don’t win over Satan” – who you all know as being naturally hot just like global warming IS.

I discovered this and I took the decision to be a prophet. Anybody who has discovered so or believes in what I am saying should become a prophet. We must have environmental prophets everywhere. This is the only way to be saved.

Is what I say a mere rhetoric or hypocrisy? You to judge, if you know that I do personal things to lower the heating like riding bikes and using public transport when transport is necessary for me. Nobody notices this and nobody will probably. How can a prophet be so if he teaches nobody?!

I am not a passive prophet and I have an objective I will achieve it.

My Life Project:

The project is as a personal initiative and falls under the theme of Landscape restoration This is intended to be a rural library in a rural area. I own a house in Morocco and I thought that “I must use it to be part of the solution” to the threat that our planet is facing. One very solution is education on the environment and ecology and how to live sustainably and green. I feel this project should be implemented urgently because our lives ourselves are endangered and many of us don’t even know or don’t want to know.

So my solution is to build an ecological library in a rural place using either natural or recycled materials. Energy will mostly be provided either by sun or wind and water will be used wisely especially in reusing it and in rain collection.

I will mostly target the local rural and poor population and teach them and their kids how to live green and hygienically, which will affect their well being and health in addition to energy and natural resources saving. Why health and energy saving are important to poor people because Protection is better than correction. The project’s main aim is to help people know how to protect the planet and lead green life system. Ecology awareness means better and sustainable living. This has direct and indirect impact on all our life aspects and sectors including agriculture and water. The objectives are medium and long term but they are essential in saving lives now and then. It’s not really clear how many people will be targeted but I have a strong will and desire to succeed the project in whatever time span.

My project is visionary because it is a life-long project that understands that only protecting the environment can unite all humanity because I see that Education of Ecology is better than education of Ideology. The library will be ecological NOT ideological so as to bring together the maximum people of human race together to fight pollution and climate change and this is not principally possible without all people involvement and engagement through environmental education.

What I have in mind is that the library will be symbolically like a lighthouse that will physically enlighten the space , and illuminate minds about the issue of environment and ecology The visionary idea won’t stop at the rural landscape but that the project concept should be generalized everywhere and corner just like mosques and churches are everywhere. Eco-Libraries will be the new worshiping places in the modern times and this will have no distinction between human beings. All will have the same religion. Green.

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