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Gabriel Karsan

Colors and the touch of the horizon, Fascination that’s unimaginable yet liveable with a sight of this beautiful Landscape. It’s like witnessing nature touch and bless mother earths prosperity to make life groom. First time looking at this scenery my neural networks paused for a while, the plain Savannah landscape of the Mighty Serengeti, Land of Simba (to those of us who still weep while watching lion king) the wind causing a swift melodical pleasant lullaby made time stop literally and all my focus was on this beauty, the energy I felt inside me compelled by colors of the sky and glass, the hills and land it was an imagery that made me experience a whole new synergy among man and his landscapes. I won’t deny I have a love affair with travel (and Yes! It’s legal) touring around my country and once abroad, my 20 years old brain has taken a lot of pictures to brag to my peers, my love for travel is guided by its sentimental connection to nature.  Flora and fauna are the sections of hope and rejuvenation of our souls with the magnificence of our surroundings. it’s funny we are deprived of positivity in isolation due to our lifestyles while a change of scenery, enjoying a moment staring at something incredible as this landscape can upgrade a person to a whole new level, a burst of pleasant emotions with a moment to backup in our memory, a whole new story adding value to our lives. I had to ask my friend to take this shot, now everytime I look at this landscape is an opportunity at some level to relive the moment the peaceful mind serenity in the midst of the Serengeti. This was my spike, i lightened my landscape loving fire that burns a bit too much honestly to a point am annoying to my friends on how long i can contemplate looking at these features of nature, the nomadic landscape seeker they call me! Because of all the wisdom they claim I provide after enjoying my fair share of time with my landscapes, well it’s true because it calms my mind and thrills my soul when am around such aspects of nature, my perception of the world changes every time as am more drawn to my Mama, Mama Earth with a purpose to make her reign persevere for man to adhere. Landscapes reveal a connection of the features existing in our surroundings beyond that a connection of humanity to nature, the Serengeti plain landscape made me feel connected with my world and i yelled these proud words “Love to you Mama Earth” , I’m in love with your beauty and thankful for the answers. Through this moment my curiosity was fed abundant creativity and a heightened passionate urge of exploration, further study of my environment and an accountability to its well being, for my children to enjoy, for my people to fall in love and for the world to be filled with joy only by a glimpse of a sight.

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