Digital, Empowered and Indifferent

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Akshay Prayag

Called for an elevator. The door opened, familiar faces with their smartphones and headsets on looked up for a second and then went back to their virtual world.

A digitally empowered but indifferent world if you will! My existence did not matter!

The elevator stopped at the next floor. See two of my pals waiting and I breathe a sigh of relief.

AM desperate to break the digital silence. But they walk in with their heads down and turn their back without noticing me.

More than 10 people in the elevator and every second felt like a lifetime.

Finally my floor. I come out and look back but everyone was still inside the digital cocoon. Thought I knew everyone out there so why this sudden indifference…May be they know me more digitally and less personally! I have committed a serious sin today, forgetting my smartphone at home – Disconnected from the virtual world and cast out by the society!!

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