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Abdallah Issah

Driving on a highway, a bus carrying about thirty passengers nearly collided with an oncoming Articulated Truck. The Driver struggled to steer the car to safety and when he finally did, this where the question that passengers started throwing at him: (The 35 years old spinster) – “I haven’t married yet oo, why! Do you want to kill me?”

(Husband) – “My wife is with child and in her last trimester, do you want to deprive my unborn child of a Daddy?”

(Prodigal Son) – “I haven’t seen my mother for some years now, do you want to break her heart by killing me?.

(Business man) – “I have a Multi-million dollar deal awaiting me, why! Have the evil spirits sent you?, tell them they have failed! Mtcheew.”

(Petty Trader) – “You are a wicked man, where did you learn to drive?”

(Budding Model) – I have a photoshoot and this is my year of breakthrough, do you want to leave me with scars?

(Old Woman) – “Driver, please slowly OK”

(Graduate) – “Eei, my graduation ooo, it’s this weekend oo, if you only knew what I went through to get my class. Don’t dare!”

Others also ran into the bush, to relieve themselves due to the nature of shock and apprehension. Another who forgot himself also said, “Shey chaley, sake of this Tonga way I dey go kill myself” Oh God thank you, if you take me go hose, I swear I no go do again”

And a few engaged in praying and thanking God Almighty for having a close shave. The driver remained quiet in his seat, with tears running down his cheeks as he struggled to control his sobs. The bus conductor who was at the back of the vehicle, seemingly unconcerned and checking for damages, paused, and briefly told the passengers. “This man here is also as human as you are all. I am his conductor as well as his godson. Four years ago, he found me on the streets, took me in his home to live together with his wife and three children. He is the only son of his mother who is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Every morning before we set off to work, he always prays for all prospective passengers but he doesn’t for himself. One day, out of curiosity, I asked him, and his words were, their lives are more important than mine and your prayers are answered swiftly when you pray for others more. This got the passengers all quiet and some in a moment of regret for the harsh words they uttered to the Driver. After some minutes, the bus driver alighted and made a humble request that all passengers should also do same. He apologized to them for what had happened and took full responsibility. Afterwards, he made a request that, they should all pray before they continue the journey and so it was done. This life is a journey, we all chartering our path with destinations unknown. Put God first to take you there.

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