A Euro and a Dream.

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Peter Kangethe

The year is 2013, a few months after my high school graduation. I was having one of the moments. You know, those moments where you are just feeling unjustifiably low. Having nothing much to do at home, I decide to head to my most favorite place on Earth. The beach ten minutes away was my safe haven. The place I went to, to escape the harsh reality that is life.

Before long I set my eyes on what was the most beautiful scenery. From where I stood I saw the edge of the Earth; where the sky kissed the aqua blue ocean and the sun (an admirer) shone its bright light in delight. The two looked like long lost lovers, finally reunited after centuries of solitude. I have to admit I was a bit jealous.

As I was approaching the beach, I was overcome by emotion. I can’t quite put in words how it felt then, but I was overwhelmed by a mixture of liberty and tranquility. It sure felt as though I was finally free. Like a bird from a cage- I could spread my wings and fly to wherever I wanted. Suddenly, a ladybug landed on my right shoulder. Just as I began admiring my new friend, it spread it’s wings and flew away without a single goodbye.

“How rude..” I thought to myself. “I guess that’s what it means to truly be free.”

As I was throwing pebbles into the ocean, contemplating how taxation is theft and how the Neil A. Armstrong moon-landing could have been staged , a strange female voice rings at the back of my head.

“Excuse me, sir.” goes the voice.

I snapped back to reality. I could now feel how soothing the breeze was.

“Jambo, my name is Emma.” She introduces herself. “And this is my fiancé, Hans.”

“We were informed the cultural artifacts were sold here somewhere. But we can’t seem to find them. We were thinking you could take us there.” Hans intervenes in a rather deep German accent.

I quickly introduced myself. Clapped my hands to get rid of the sand. And signaled them to follow me.

“It’s a few meters from here in that direction.” I tell them as I signaled.

On our way there, they told me of how great their Kenyan visit had been. From the safari; where he proposed to her on a hot air balloon over the Maasai Mara. To the hike on Mt. Kenya and now the coast. According to her, the visit to the coast was the cherry on the cake- since they swam with the dolphins at Malindi.

“It was a dream come true!” She exclaimed in gratification.

“Isn’t it everyone’s dream?”.

“Oh, my sweet summer child.” I thought to myself as I nodded.

From a distance, we could see where they sold the artifacts. The place was well arranged. Their display was enough to draw attention from any passer-by. The striking beauty and how fascinating it was, arose my curiosity.

“There you go.” I told them. “Not to be rude. But knowing how easy I succumb to my purchasing desires I wouldn’t let myself get close.”

They both smiled. Hans reaches out for something in his waist wallet. He folds it in his hand, offers me a handshake and thanks me. I put it in my pocket and bid them goodbye.

“Remember to bargain.” I warn them.

“Be sure to preserve what you have.” She says almost immediately.

We part ways. I walked towards an unoccupied shade I had identified from a distance, with one thought in mind: “Be sure to preserve what you have.” Further away people were playing football, kids were flying kites and families were having a time of their lives.

I sit down at the spot, and let my mind wonder. For some reason I couldn’t get the thought off my head. It could be because of the forthcoming March 4th elections. With what had happened in the previous election, it raised anxiety in most of us (at least those who were concerned). I took the €10 from my pocket and began admiring it. I breathed a sigh of relief and thought to myself, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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