White Papers

One World, One Health: Recommendations to harness the power of landscapes – Full report

12 Jan 2021

At the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference, the GLF community came together and encouraged the world to harness the power of landscapes for transformative change towards radical inclusivity and sustainability. Recognizing the potential of the landscape approach to contribute towards biodiversity targets, the GLF and the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) facilitated the co-creation of the […]

Appendix – One World, One Health: Recommendations to harness the power of landscapes

12 Jan 2021

This appendix accompanies the GLF Biodiversity 2020 policy recommendations, providing a full methodology, a review of other select policy responses, list of contributors to this work and comments on the recommendations from organizations and members of the public. The parent report brings together perspectives from the GLF community as represented in the GLF Biodiversity Digital […]

Open Letter from Youth – One World, One Health

12 Jan 2021

This letter outlines youth’s needs from the international community in pursuing biodiversity and restoration targets for meeting the post-2020 biodiversity goals, achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and realizing the CBD’s 2050 Vision of “Living in Harmony with Nature”. A special youth delegation to the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference, representing 26 youth organizations engaging […]

One World, One Health: Recommendations to harness the power of landscapes – Summary

12 Jan 2021

This resource offers a concise summary of the full biodiversity policy recommendations report. The recommendations reflect perspectives from the GLF community as represented in the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference sessions and inputs from partner and youth organizations, and aim to strengthen guiding biodiversity and ecosystem restoration frameworks, including the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and the […]

Carta abierta de los jóvenes del mundo – Un mundo, una sola salud

11 Jan 2021

Esta carta refleja la necesidad que tienen los jóvenes de que la comunidad internacional cumpla con los objetivos de biodiversidad y restauración para poder lograr las metas de biodiversidad post 2020, la Agenda de Desarrollo Sostenible para el 2030 y la Visión del Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica (CDB) de Vivir en Armonía con la […]

Un mundo, una sola salud: Recomendaciones para aprovechar el poder de los paisajes – Resumen

11 Jan 2021

Este recurso ofrece un resumen conciso del informe completo de recomendaciones de politicas de GLF Biodiversity. Las recomendaciones reflejan las perspectivas de la comunidad GLF representada durante las sesiones de la Conferencia Digital GLF Biodiversity, y los aportes de organizaciones aliadas y juveniles. Su objetivo es fortalecer el marco de orientación para la restauración de […]

Biodiversity, a digital journey

23 Nov 2020

As the world gears up for a decade of biodiversity and restoration action, it is important to create spaces where young people can build on valuable knowledge from experts, identify the linkages between climate, biodiversity and healthy landscapes, as well as exchange ideas about best practices and action in their own landscapes. In line with […]

GLF Biodiversity Donor and Partner Report

17 Nov 2020

GLF’s Biodiversity Digital Conference couldn’t have been more timely. As countries grapple with ripples and resurgences of the zoonotic COVID-19 virus, the global community is taking stock of its failures to prevent drastic biodiversity loss, and setting a critical agenda to do better in the coming decade. The linkages between the ways we treat other […]

GLF Biodiversity Outcome Statement

17 Nov 2020

Up to a million species are at risk of extinction in the next few decades – and that loss of biodiversity could lead to ecosystem collapse across much of the globe, with massive repercussions for human livelihoods. Yet by drastically transforming the planet’s landscapes, humans are directly contributing to biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change […]

For forests’ sake: transforming extractive industries and infrastructure to achieve NYDF Goal 3

2 Nov 2020

The New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) is a non-binding international agreement that seeks to halt natural forest loss by 2030, contributing to global climate and biodiversity goals as well as the UN SDGs. In this paper, Climate Focus, Meridian Institute and the UNDP hone in on NYDF Goal 3 (to significantly reduce deforestation from […]