Partner Event

ARTrees Learning Village

13 - 19 May 2019
All day
Montpellier, France

A special event for young participants prior to the World Agroforestry Conference in Monpellier this May. The overall objective of ARTrees learning village is to induct the beginning of a community of
practice upon selected young participants attending Agroforestry 2019 and to foster links with senior
leading researchers. This as a means to trigger their positive impact at the congress. There is a critical need for training and support programmes to help both young graduates and young researchers get prepared for a successful development of their professional career. By attending ARTrees learning village participants will have the chance to reflect and take action for building up an accomplished professional trajectory.

One week, 20 participants, experienced team of experts and mentors. Collective research work on the field, seconded by a mentoring program, with results to be presented to non-expert audience

Learn more on the program and how to apply here