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  • Wednesday, 30 May 2018
  • 10:15-11:45 Washington, D.C. time (EDT)

The Many Faces of Blended Finance for Forest Landscape Restoration


This discussion forum will challenge the myth that progress on forest landscape restoration (FLR) is in most cases being hinderedby lack of funding and of “bankable projects.”Many models existalready for funding the transformation of landscapes through forest landscape restoration, andthese examples demonstrate that differing FLR interventions require different blends of public and private funding. Insights by leaders in this field will highlight this diversity of experiences. Panelists and the audience will reflect and discuss emerging pathways towards mainstreaming forest landscape restoration in business portfolios, reaching beyond industry champions, while being supported by aligned and conducive public sector policy frameworks that enable such funding to be mobilized. These insights will also emphasize the role of blended public finance in various FLR interventions dispelling the myth that only private financing will fill the gap.

Speakers will make short interventions on examples of blended finance for forest landscape restoration followed by a lively discussion with the audience on future opportunities.  The moderator will initiate the discussion with a few strategic questions and will guide audience members and panelists through the debate.