• Wednesday, 30 May 2018
  • 12:00-13:00 Washington, D.C. time (EDT)
  • Room: B2 Auditorium

Investor Strategies for Land Tenure Risk Mitigation to Scale-up Landscape Investments

B2 Auditorium

This discussion forum will focus on practical examples of land tenure risk mitigation approaches from live investment cases, strengths/weaknesses of various approaches, and recommendations for removing tenure barriers to investment. The session will also feature the results of a new Investor Survey on Land Rights conducted by USAID and Indufor covering investors’ perceptions of land tenure risks, assessment approaches and mitigation strategies.

In previous editions of the Investment Case, land tenure risks are cited as a key obstacle to scaling-up restoration and agro-forestry investments. Our panel will aim to un-pack the types of land tenure risks and what can be done to proactively address them, based on feedback from investors, thus opening the possibility for broader action at the landscape level.