• 12 October 2023
  • 07:45-23:59
  • Room: Digital

Vision Floue


Director: Khawla Hwiji
Year: 2022
Country: Tunisia
Duration: 10 min
Language: silent (credits in English)

In a world where climate change has profoundly disrupted the ecological balance, farmers are facing an unprecedented crisis. “Vision Floue” immerses the audience in the daily lives of these farmers who invest their heart and soul in their lands despite the difficulties. Exhausted by the depletion of water resources and soil salinization, they must face a heart-wrenching choice: to continue working for their land or to give up in the face of the consequences of climate change. “Vision Floue” offers a profound reflection on the impact of climate change on the agricultural world and invites the public to become aware of the urgency to act in order to preserve our environment.

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