• 12 October 2023
  • 13:00-13:15
  • Room: Digital

Otto Scharmer’s vision for Earth: A system thinking-based reality meditation


Embark on an enlightening journey with Otto Scharmer as he guides us through a system thinking-based reality meditation. Otto, a senior lecturer at MIT and the founding chair of the Presencing Institute, has spent two decades empowering leaders to embrace transformative cross-sector systems.

Pioneering the ‘presencing’ concept through bestselling books like Theory U and Presence, Otto brings us closer to learning from the emerging future. His vision, shaped by early experiences on a family farm in Germany, emphasizes nurturing the social field as the core condition for visible transformations.

Join us in delving into Otto’s profound insights on regenerative leadership and the transformative shift from ego to eco, an essential stride towards a better world.