• 12 October 2023
  • 16:00-17:30
  • Room: GLF Pavilion

Co-creating capacity development and education

GLF Pavilion

Capacity development and education are the latest addition to the CIFOR-ICRAF palette of science in action. This session is for CIFOR-ICRAF staff and partners to exchange existing experience with capacity development and education and co-create a sound strategy for collaborative action.

Together, we will explore how best to create a model for translocal and glocal learning and make strategic use of digital edu-technology to achieve its aim. As an example, we will present the Digital Campus, an extension of the Landscape Academy that aims to provide space for learning and exploration through blended learning. It harbors vibrant communities of learners and educators and offers all the tools that are needed to create meaningful learning experiences. We will walk through the Digital Campus and its features, and you will learn how to use it in your own work.