• 11 October 2023
  • 15:30-16:15
  • Room: Conference Hall

Women as agents of change: Securing land rights for sustainable forest landscape restoration

Conference Hall

Secure land rights and legal tenure are crucial to sustainable forest landscape restoration (FLR) as they can shape the willingness of local actors to engage and invest in FLR efforts. At the same time, access to land and land use are shaped by gender relations.

This session aims to shed light on these issues, highlighting the importance of a rights-based and gender-sensitive FLR approach. It will bring in examples from Madagascar and Ethiopia, where the certification of FLR areas is in progress. Starting with a keynote by BMZ, with input from representatives of local user groups and NGOs engaged in the certification process, this session will examine key challenges, success factors and lessons learned at the intersection of land rights, gender and FLR.

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