• 11 October 2023
  • 18:45-19:30
  • Room: Conference Hall

Should development aid be used to promote food sovereignty in Africa?

Conference Hall

Despite increasing technical support and international food aid, Africa still produces too little to feed its people. Since the 1960s, African countries have received international food aid that is still far from sufficient to meeting the needs of its people. In 2021, Africa received about 33.6% (USD 58.4 billion) of global aid. During the US-Africa Leaders summit in December 2022, the United States pledged USD 2.5 billion in food assistance to help African countries cope with rising food prices, which have increased hunger across the continent.

This debate will explore how foreign aid influences agricultural practices, seed access and markets, food production, distribution, access and consumption in African countries. It will also examine whether foreign aid reinforces dependence or fosters self-sufficiency, and how it affects the ability of African countries to make independent decisions about their food systems.

Join us as these experts critically analyse the impact of foreign aid on African sovereignty and propose strategies for a more sovereign food future for Africa.