• Day 1: Wednesday, 29 August 2018
  • Room: Conference Room 4

Discussion Forum 7: A holistic approach to sustainable production, forest protection and social inclusion: the case of the South West Mau Landscape Kenya

Conference Room 4

The landscape approach is a complex issue that requires doers. It is like raising a child for which there is no roadmap, only requires a skill set and learning by doing. IDH and partners will use the discussion forum to unpack the complexity of the landscape approach as applied across the 12 landscapes in 8 countries with a specific focus on the experiences from the South West Mau Landscape. Please join this exciting discussion based on the following sessions:


Discussion: IDH Global Landscapes Program
Style:Ted Talk
Time:15 Minutes
Lead: JORDY VAN HONK, Program Director Landscapes Africa and Tea

Discussion: About the ISLA Kenya partnership in the SW Mau
Style: Video
Time: 5 Minutes
LeadWINNIE MWANIKI,Senior Program Manager, ISLA Kenya

Discussion:The SW Mau Landscape Experience
Style: Panel discussion with stakeholders from Private sector, Government, Community Reps and Implementing partners
Time: 30 Minutes
LeadDR LANG’ATSenior Stakeholder Manager, ISLA Kenya

Discussion: Q & A session
Style: ‘Fish Bowl’
Time: 30 Minutes
Lead:WINNIE MWANIKI,Senior Program Manager, ISLA Kenya