• Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • 14:00-15:15 GMT+1
  • Room: Salle C

From Pilot to Mainstream: What is Required for Land Use Transformation at Scale?

Salle C

Sustainable models for commodity production can generate positive risk return ratios compared to business-as-usual projects. However, across the globe rates of adoption remain low. To date, much of the focus has been on commitments by private sector companies to remove deforestation from their supply chains and we have seen a proliferation of pilot projects, yet impacts remain difficult to demonstrate at scale.

This session will highlight two business cases for sustainable commodity production: Robusta cultivation in Vietnam, and cattle raising in Costa Rica. We will hear from panelists on how sustainable production models can be scaled-up from pilot to mainstream: how to incentivize the spontaneous uptake up sustainable cultivation practices, and what conditions are necessary to incentivize commercial finance at scale.