• 13 May 2019, Monday
  • 16:30-17:15 UTC+09:00

Closing Plenary with climate experts: It’s not too late

In this closing plenary session, speakers will offer their outlooks on climate actions to date and explore concrete political, economic, socio-cultural and practical actions that will help to make change become reality in different landscapes across the globe.

This will also bring a focus onto forest ecosystems, mountains and seascapes as landscapes that are both sensitive to climate change as well as part of the land based climate solution. Inspired by success stories from across the globe, it’s apparent that it is not too late for transformative change!

Delegates to this session will discuss the critical role that changing our patterns of production and consumption will play in achieving future climate-smart landscapes, including lifestyle changes that anyone can make – whether in nutrition, fashion, mobility, plastic or cutting food waste.

Further, discussions will introduce innovations and smart solutions in business, finance, policy and technology that can support life-changing transformations in different landscapes.

Finally, the session will officially launch the digital conference to be broadcast live on the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) channel immediately after the conclusion of the GLF Kyoto conference. Subjects to be broadcast are:

  • integrated landscapes approach
  • mountains
  • oceans/seascapes, mangroves
  • lifestyle and consumption
  • youth


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