• 12 November 2022
  • 10:30-11:30
  • Room: The Egypt Hall

TreesAdapt: Trees and forests to adapt agriculture, land and people

The Egypt Hall

The event will launch the new TreesAdapt partnership platform. TreesAdapt is CIFOR-ICRAF’s response with partners to the huge demand for climate change adaptation. It aims to be a one-stop for solutions on how to leverage forests, trees, and agroforestry to adapt agriculture, land, and people and to support countries and actors in cross-sectoral implementation.

Forests and tree-based systems are key to food security for millions of smallholders. Trees make farming and food systems more resilient, limiting the impact of heat waves. Trees create better microclimates and help better manage water from plot to landscape, limiting the impact of flooding and erosion. Forests and trees can support the resilience of sectors like energy and water. Trees are essential to make cities livable in the future.

Join us in the launch of TreesAdapt, hear and ask experts about the platform, its priorities, and how stakeholders can start using it and solve the world’s climate adaptation challenge with trees.

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